Wet Shelf Inspiration: 4 Ideas You’ll Love

Wet Shelf Inspiration: 4 Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you’re building a pool from scratch or are remodeling your current one, a wet shelf is a great addition to any space. Looking for inspiring ways to integrate your wet shelf into your overall pool design? Just take a look at today’s blog!

Create a shady escape

For many pool owners, the best place to escape the sun is the patio overhang or a nearby tree—but what if you never had to leave the pool to enjoy a break from the brightness? Many wet shelf owners purposefully design their shelf around an in-pool umbrella so that they can recline in the water without having to sacrifice the comfort of natural shade. And of course, if you do decide to use your wet shelf for an afternoon of sunbathing, you can easily do that, too—just close the umbrella and you’re good to go!

Stock up on sunbathing essentials

The space surrounding your wet shelf is the perfect spot to add an outdoor storage bin filled with poolside essentials—sunscreen, spare towels, maybe even a hat or two. Your family and friends will appreciate having such simple, no-fuss access to everything they will need for a day of pool fun, sunbathing, and relaxing in the water. You can also keep a cooler nearby, stocked to the brim with water, juice, and other cool refreshments.

Craft a social corner

If your pool space is all about entertaining and having a good time, turning your wet shelf into a sort of social corner might be your best move. You can add a table in between two submerged lounge chairs, or design your wet shelf around a swim-up bar, so that you, your family and friends can easily make swimming a more social experience.

Make it natural

The beauty of the wet shelf lies in its ability to work well in any pool—from the ultra modern to the rustic and traditional. If you want to blend your wet shelf seamlessly with the rocky, natural oasis that you’ve already designed, you can do that, too, by giving your wet shelf a gradual slope and curved corners. It will appear more like a natural coast than a submerged shelf in your pool!

The tips, combined with a carefully-constructed wet shelf, can help bring your pool to the next level in 2017. We’ll be there at every step of the way to ensure that your wet shelf is as perfect as you dreamed!

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