Delight in the Details: 10 Small Ways to Make a Big Splash

Delight in the Details: 10 Small Ways to Make a Big Splash

Are you designing or refurbishing your pool space this year? While it’s only natural to focus on finding the perfect shape, size and structure of your pool, don’t forget about the little details along the way! These small spots—from the furniture you choose to the towels you leave out for guests—can transform your space and turn it into a resort-style getaway you’ll love.

We’re highlighting ten of these details below!

Bursts of light

It’s no secret that every pool needs to be well-lit for comfort and safety—but sometimes, the small bursts of light, where you expect them the least, can have the biggest impact on your overall space. Battery-powered candles are a no-fuss way to subtly improve your ambiance, while accent lights around your pool’s perimeter can make nighttime swims more enjoyable.

Sweet scents

Don’t save all your best scents for indoors! You can integrate your favorite aromas into your outdoor space for a small but special touch. Use fragrant flowers to add sweet smells to your space.

Warm, fluffy towels

When family and friends come over for a swim, they will appreciate the luxurious but often overlooked touch of warm towels waiting poolside. Simply toss your towels into the dryer ahead of your swim so that they’re ready to go.

Soft music

You don’t need to blare loud music to add to the ambiance of your space. Using an outdoor speaker, you can simply play your favorite relaxing sounds (running water, beach sounds, and other background tunes) to set a one-of-a-kind atmosphere on pool days.

Running water

If you don’t have access to outdoor speakers, why not try the real thing? Moving water elements are a timeless way to add visual movement and subtle, pleasing sounds to your space.

Clear water

Even the cleanest pool can seem less than swimmable when leaves and other debris crowd the surface. Use a skimmer before your swim to achieve a picture-perfect look.

Tidy surfaces

The tidy-up rule counts for other outdoor surfaces, too! Give outdoor dining tables and chairs a quick wipe before guests come so they look as clean and shiny as your indoor pieces.

Unexpected plant life

We all expect to see a pool surrounded by lush grass and plant life, but unexpected instances of greenery (in the form of small succulents and other plants) can add visual interest to otherwise empty spaces, like your outdoor coffee table or bar.

In-pool convenience

A refreshing swim in the pool is always worthwhile, but guests will be pleasantly surprised to find instances of in-pool convenience, like an easy swim-up bench or alcove perfect for chatting or enjoying refreshments.


The convenience of the space outside of your pool is just as important as the water itself. Clear an easy path for guests to come and go as necessary—set out stepping stones between the pool and bathroom, for example, and keep a table near the pool filled with towels and other necessities.

By paying special attention to these spots of opportunity, you’ll be able to take your outdoor oasis to the next level of pool design.

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