5 Pool Accessory Ideas for Summertime Fun

5 Pool Accessory Ideas for Summertime Fun

When it’s hot outside, it’s only natural to spend most of your free time in the pool. Still, as the season rolls on, you might be seeking new and exciting ways to maximize pool time enjoyment.

Thankfully, there are many accessories designed to capture and keep the interest of kids and the young at heart. Here are some of the most popular:

1) Fun Floats

A perennial favorite in Ormond swimming pools, floats are an excellent way to enjoy the sun and water without necessarily getting completely soaked. Many floats today feature comforts such as cup holders and compartments for books, tablets, snacks, and other storage.

Floats come in all shapes and sizes, from classic lounges, to modern art, even hobby-themed varieties such as space exploration, wine enthusiast, and more. Some modern floats are outfitted like a day bed, so you can relax and unwind poolside any time of day. 

2) Floating Amenities 

It’s easy and fun to spend a whole day in and around the pool when you bring all the creature comforts you’ve come to know and love right to the water.

For example, a popular trend among pool lovers today is incorporating interesting lights. That includes floating “jellyfish” lights. Other novel floating elements include LED speakers, drink/snack trays, citronella candles, and games such as ping-pong and more.

3) Poolside Storage

While the need for outdoor storage has always been constant, many pool owners today are coupling storage with design by including interesting options to tuck away accessories and other needed items. That includes bench storage, mesh closets, and other innovations.

In addition to toys and fun items, don’t forget to set up a separate space for your pool chemicals, emergency supplies, and other essentials. Having these items in a central space will save time and energy when their use is required.

It’s also wise to regularly inspect your pool for damage. Nothing puts an end to pool time fun faster than a pool that’s not in optimum working order. If you notice any problems, contact a professional expert in Flagler pool repairs who can help restore your pool to perfect condition.

4) Activity Hubs   

In keeping with the theme of new and exciting poolside add-ons, more pool owners have started to incorporate exercise stations in and near the pool. Rather than gym equipment, these options are specifically-designed for outdoor use by the water.

Popular choices include rock climbing wall, floating trampoline, “sea-saw” water rocker, floating putting green, and more. When the kids are tuckered out from all the healthy physical activity, it’s easy and fun to show a movie on a floating screen.

When you’re looking to save money or simply enjoy the challenge of creating attention-grabbing items, do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas might be your best route. Popular choices in this category include sponge water toys, homemade boats, water pom-pom toss games, squirt gun target range, water balloon toss, and more.

5) Your Own Custom Pool

Many people enjoy pool time at the homes of friends or loved ones, or at a community pool. While these are fine options, it’s comforting to know how easy and affordable it is to secure a personalized custom pool. This will allow you and your family to enjoy the water anytime.

For years, we’ve been the trusted resource for countless Central Florida residents seeking Daytona pool builders who care. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff can help you craft the ideal pool for your unique desires and requirements.

View the ‘project gallery’ section of our website to get a feel for the type of innovative pool designs we’re capable of creating. Then, contact us today to get started on a relaxing and inviting custom pool of your own.  

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