Swimming Pool Facts to Impress Your Friends

Swimming Pool Facts to Impress Your Friends

You already know the fun and enjoyment that comes with swimming and wading in Central Florida swimming pools. But were you aware that people have cherished their pools for centuries? Historians have uncovered drawings in ancient Egypt that suggest people were swimming as early as 2500 B.C. The first swimming races were recorded in Japan in 36 B.C.

That proves nothing compares to the timeless joy of a taking a refreshing dip, or simply spending quality time with friends and loved ones. Now, you can share your knowledge and impress everyone in the pool party with fun facts about swimming. Get started with these ideas:

Swimming is Great Exercise

You might have heard people say you can’t get a good workout in the pool. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, health experts say just one hour of laps burns nearly 700 calories. That’s more than the same amount of time spent walking or cycling.

While the water washes away sweat, that doesn’t mean you’re not improving your health every time you exercise in the pool. Swimming works every major muscle of the body, vastly improves cardiovascular health, and enhances your mood by reducing stress levels.

Best of all, getting a high-quality custom pool in your backyard is a simple and straight-forward process. The first step is to reach out to reliable Daytona pool builders who can help you create a pool tailored to your desires and requirements. 

Swimming Contributes to Overall Wellness

Researchers say almost 70 percent of the world’s population doesn’t know how to swim. This is surprising, given the wealth of benefits Ormond swimming pools provide. Along with the mentioned perks of exercise, swimming helps with a variety of other physical scenarios. That includes physical therapy and rehabilitation.

In addition, the low-impact nature of swimming makes it a favorite for those people with limited mobility. If you’re trying to lose weight, swimming beats out most gym exercises. That’s because of the natural resistance of water. Best of all, you can swim no matter your age. Several people enjoy logging time in the pool well into their 80s and 90s. Children can begin taking swim lessons as early as 12 months. Plus, studies have confirmed that swimming on a regular basis:

  • improves motor function, posture, balance, and coordination
  • strengthens joints and helps relieve sore muscles
  • improves mood by helping to relieve stress
  • and more

That’s partly why people across Central Florida are turning to a skilled and qualified Volusia pool builder to install a backyard pool. 

Swimming is an Inexpensive Hobby

While swimming aids and equipment are available, all you really need to enjoy a fun day at the pool is your swimsuit. That makes it an affordable activity for everyone.

In addition, swimming or just wading in your pool cools you down faster and more thoroughly than air conditioning. That means you can maintain a healthy core temperature throughout the day. When you work with an Ormond Beach custom pool builder, you can enjoy the tranquil water in your backyard anytime, day or night.

Plus, maintenance is simple and straight-forward. It’s easy and affordable to consistently keep your pool in great working order on your own. Better yet, you can partner with a dependable Palm Coast pool service. These dedicated professionals will work diligently to keep your pool pristine and inviting throughout the year. 

Owning a Pool is Within Reach

Have you always dreamed of having your own pool? Do you find yourself lingering at the homes of friends for just a few more minutes of poolside rest and relaxation? The party never has to end when you install your very own custom swimming pool.

Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation as one of the very best Orlando pool companies. The go-to resource for Flagler pool repairs, our friendly and qualified team members will work with you to fashion an eye-catching swimming pool tailored to your personal style and preferences. Browse our website to witness the elegance of which we’re capable. Then, contact us today to get started on a high-quality custom pool of your own. 

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