The 5 Biggest Benefits of an Early Morning Swim

The 5 Biggest Benefits of an Early Morning Swim

For so many of us, swimming is an afternoon activity best saved for hot, sunny days—and for good reason! However, there’s certainly something to be said about enjoying a quick swim or some poolside relaxation right as the sun comes up. Below, we’re looking at the five biggest benefits of this morning-time treat, and why you might want to incorporate it into your daily routine this fall!

A chance to watch the sun rise

Most days in the pool don’t start with a beautiful view of the sunrise—but why not switch up the status quo? Getting up early and watching the sun rise up from your pool is a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll cherish—and there aren’t many better (or more picturesque) ways to start your day!

A way to switch up your busy morning routine

If you’re used to waking up and diving right in to work, emails, carpools or tasks around the house, it might be time for a welcome (and more relaxing) change. Do yourself a favor and preemptively beat the stresses of your day, by starting it in the water! Even if you can only squeeze in a short amount of time, it will likely be a big improvement from your typical morning routine, something you look forward to waking up for and doing.

Easy morning exercise

Enjoying a morning swim is an easy way to get in all or some of your exercise for the day. Many regular swimmers will tell you that there’s nothing quite like a workout in the water, where you can feel your muscles working all while making your way through the cool, refreshing pool. It’s also known to be a great workout routine for those with joint pain or minor injuries, since it allows you to move and exercise without putting excess strain on the body.

Softer sun rays

It’s no secret that the Florida sun can be intense throughout the day—but it’s a little less so in the morning hours. Enjoy this period of milder air and softer sun rays, but don’t forget to lather on some sunscreen before you jump in anyway.

Family time

It may seem difficult to gather the family for early morning fun in the pool, but it might soon become one of your favorite means of getting together! Your loved ones will likely look forward to waking up and popping out of bed for a chance to splash around and relax before taking on the day—and it’s a fun, laidback experience you can all share together.

Do you plan to add an early morning swim to your everyday routine? It’s an activity that proves pool time—at any time of the day—can be a truly relaxing (and rewarding) experience.

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