Central Florida Pools: A Wet Shelf for Summer

If you’re feeling uninspired when it comes to pool design—and are looking for the perfect way to maximize your time spent in the water—a wet shelf might be right for you. This unique water feature combines the functionality of a flat surface with the comfort and coolness of being in the water. In today’s blog, take a look at the best uses and benefits of a wet shelf for your own pool.

Extra entertaining space

For those who love to entertain in and around the pool, a wet shelf might give you more ways to do what you love. Instead of having everyone enjoy their snacks, drinks and socializing on dry ground, you can open up your wet shelf to fun and invite your guests to cool off as they enjoy the afternoon. This is a great way to mix up traditional party seating and—as long as everyone avoids spills! —can become a staple of future get togethers.

A spot for young swimmers

Very young swimmers may not be comfortable enough in the water to go swimming, but will still want a cool place to sit and play. That’s where the wet shelf comes in. A wet shelf will allow parent and child to enjoy some quality time together without having to head into the pool itself—and, for those parents who are considering beginning swimming lessons for their child, it’s an easy way to get your child accustomed to the feeling of water.

Tanning made cool

We all love to lounge around by the pool with a magazine or good book—but if you find that the summer sun is just too hot to enjoy while dry, a wet shelf might be the perfect alternative. Place a lounge chair—or simply lie down on the shelf itself—to enjoy a peaceful experience while never having to sacrifice your comfort.

No-fuss pool time

If you don’t get to use your pool as often as you’d like, you probably wish there was an easier way to enjoy it. That “easier way” could be your new wet shelf. A wet shelf allows you to get wet and dip your toes in the water, but doesn’t require you to slip into your swimsuit completely. Just sit down for a cool few minutes whenever you need it, and enjoy!

Easy, gradual entry

Finally, a wet shelf provides an easier, more gradual entry for swimmers. This is especially perfect for those swimmers who like to ease themselves into the cool water, instead of jumping in altogether.

Are you interested in adding a one-of-a-kind wet shelf to your pool? Call us today! We have experience in designing these features, and would be happy to incorporate one into your new build or redesign.

Central Florida Pools: A Wet Shelf for Summer

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