Four Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Pool

Four Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Pool

There’s nothing quite like cooling off with a tip in your own pool. Florida’s unique climate is ideal for year-round enjoyment in and by the water. For many people, owning a pool of their own pool is a dream come true.

It’s important to gather all the details as you consider what type of pool works best for your budget and lifestyle. Still, with so many options currently available, getting started can seem like a stressful and daunting task.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Use this advice to help you decide on the features and hardware of your new pool:

1) Space and Cost Considerations

First, confirm that you have ample space on your property to accommodate a pool. While various shapes and sizes are available, you must select a permanent spot for installation.

Many people think pools are cost-prohibitive. While owning a pool is a major investment that does come with ongoing maintenance costs, the benefits are countless. Get started on your dream pool by making a wish list of features, and then deciding which ones are feasible and realistic to your lifestyle.

During this process, it’s also important to research the types and styles of pools available. Browse our projects and photos section to see our latest work.

2) Style and Personal Preferences

As mentioned, pools come in many shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s wise to first consider the main purpose of the structure.

For instance, if you’re focused on swimming laps, a larger and more narrow pool with painted or tiled lanes might be best for you. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in wading and simply cooling off on a hot day, you’ll have a whole new set of options to consider.

In addition, if you plan to entertain regularly, you should keep in mind pool deck features such as furniture, cooking equipment, and other ideas.

3) Weather and Environment

While it’s true that Florida lends to year-round pool use, think of the unique features of your property. For instance, if you have many trees that shed seasonal leaves, you’ll need to invest in a pool cover to prevent over-taxing the filter.

If there are small animals or neighborhood children who may be enticed by the water, a screened-in pool enclosure is a good idea to ensure the safety and comfort of those in and around the pool.

There will also be times when a built-in barrier will dictate the shape of your pool. It’s helpful to know that pools can be built with curves and other features to accommodate most any terrain and obstacle.

4) Company Reputation and Ability

Your pool will be one of the biggest investments you ever make. Once installed, it will quickly become a haven for friends and loved ones, as well as a relaxing sanctuary for family members of all ages. That’s why it’s essential to work with builders you can trust.

Often, word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to select a company you know operates with professionalism and integrity. We’re proud to be the go-to business people recommend when asked for the best local pool construction option.

We’ve delighted countless Central Florida homeowners through the years, and we’d be honored to earn your business. Our skilled and knowledgeable team members consistently offer top-notch customer service and an always personalized experience. Contact us today to see how the Extreme Difference can make all the difference for your new pool.

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