2015 Ormond Beach Swimming Pool Trends

Are you looking for a fun way to switch up your Ormond Beach pool’s look this year? We have a few ideas you can try to give your pool and the area around it that extra “wow” factor!

Unique surfaces

This year’s top-notch pool should be built with unique, attractive materials that double in functionality! Travertine decking or porcelain tiles around your pool can make for a sophisticated and safe surface… but don’t stop on the outside! When choosing options for your pool’s floor and walls, small, multi-colored pebbles like our Crystalstone® finishes are safe for the skin and great to look at.

Wet shelf

This is one of our favorite features of modern pool design. A wet shelf is a very shallow area of your pool—just a few inches deep—where you can place lounge chairs or simply lie down and relax. With a wet shelf, you’re able to enjoy the water without actually swimming or submersing yourself in it.

Out-of-water features

The best part of your pool isn’t just the water itself—it’s the combination of the water, the shade, the sun… and the area around it! Make your patio just as inviting a place as your indoor living room. Whether you want to go all-out and construct a small outdoors kitchen, or would like to stick to simple features like well-crafted furniture or a small fire pit, these add-ons will only increase the use and appreciation of your pool.

2015 Ormond Beach Swimming Pool Trends

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