Fun Pool Safety Tips For Kids

Fun Pool Safety Tips For Kids

Pool time is a fun and memorable activity for kids. It’s also a great way for them to foster friendships and bond with family members. Still, protecting youth in and around your swimming pool is essential. Thankfully, there are ways you can teach kids to be safe without making them scared of the water.

When children and youth feel comfortable around Central Florida swimming pools, they can begin a lifelong appreciation of swimming and water fun. Use this advice to get started.

Set Ground Rules

Kids love simple rhymes and slogans. They’ll be happy to take the safety lead when they learn that “it’s cool to know the rules.” Set guidelines that are straight-forward without being restrictive. Some basic rules include:

  1. always check for people and objects before jumping/diving in
  2. no running or horseplay on the pool deck
  3. swim/wade in sight of a responsible adult
  4. tell an adult when you leave the pool (bathroom, snack break, etc.)
  5. speak up when there’s an accident (or something doesn’t look/feel right)

You can practice other safety essentials such as no glass around the pool, storing toys when not in use, and other safeguards. Cleanliness is also important to a pleasant and relaxing pool experience for everyone. A trusted and reliable Flagler pool service can help keep your pool spotless all year long.

Make it a Game

While you don’t want to scare kids, you also don’t want to shelter them from the real safety hazards that could occur if they don’t follow the rules. But instead of painting a grim picture, tap into the natural competitive spirit of children and youth by seeing who can make it the longest without breaking a rule. While it will initially be a game, over time this instills in kids a spirit of safety.

You can also ask youth for their input. Kids love to give their opinions. Ask them to think of creative ways everyone can stay safe while maximizing pool fun. Your friendly and knowledgeable Volusia pool builder can also offer other helpful advice and suggestions. 

Get Everyone on Board

As mentioned, kids enjoy having a “job” to do, and feel like they’re in control of the situation. You can encourage this trait by having them run through a checklist, including sunscreen, pool toys and safety equipment, poolside snacks, and anything else to make a fun and relaxing pool day.

Swimming lessons are also a great way to build youth confidence in Ormond swimming pools. When children and youth feel comfortable around your pool, fear and uncertainty will fade away. As their swimming skills progress, they’ll further recognize the importance of pool safety and being constantly aware of their surroundings. 

Create a Safe Swimming Experience

You already keep a close eye on kids when they’re playing or swimming in the water. Take that precaution to a new level by creating and maintaining a safe, clean, and well-maintained pool. Consult with skilled and qualified Daytona pool builders to get started.

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