Pool Design: Where to Find Inspiration

Once you’ve decided to pursue the pool construction you’ve been dreaming of, you’re faced with a question: what do you want it to look like? While working out the specifics of your pool project may seem daunting, the task can be made much simpler when you tune into the several sources of inspiration all around you. These include…




Not sure where to start your search for inspiration? Take a look in your favorite home magazine, whether it be at your kitchen counter or the grocery store checkout line. Even if it’s not specifically a “pool” magazine, you will still be sure to find plenty of inspiring photos of backyards and pool spaces worth considering for your own project. You can also find color combinations, lighting ideas and design schemes you love which can be put into place around your pool, too.




If you’re pursuing a pool construction or redesign project, now is the perfect time to watch your favorite home improvement shows. You will be able to see what other people do with their pools and how they make improvements as well. In less than an hour of watching your favorite program, you should be able to get a good idea of where to start on your own pool project.


Your favorite store


That’s right, you don’t even need to necessarily spend time around pools or even the pool store—you can find inspiration on your daily errands or at your favorite store! These places will allow you to see color combinations, textures, shapes and other visuals—whether they be on clothing racks or in-store advertising—that might just spark your design-centered mind and get you started on the creative process.


Your friends’ and family’s pools


Finally, don’t forget to pull inspiration from the pools that your friends and family members have designed. You likely share similar interests and tastes, so these pools will give you an idea of where to take your own project. You can also get ideas for how to decorate your patio space and what kinds of options you want to include in your pool (such as fountains, laminar jets and more).


Inspiration for the look and feel of your pool can be found all around you—you just have to take a look! Keep these ideas in mind as you pursue your pool construction project this summer.

Pool Design: Where to Find Inspiration

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