Dressing Up Your Infinity Edge Pool

Does your Orlando pool have a dramatic, “disappearing” infinity edge? Or are you currently in the process of designing an infinity edge pool? This type of edge can be a breathtaking stylistic choice, and can take even “traditional” backyard landscapes to the next level. But don’t stop at the infinity edge alone—there are a few things you can to make your infinity edge pool even more dazzling and dramatic! Consider the following tips to dress up your infinity edge:

Install a hot tub for prime relaxation

Given the striking beauty of your pool’s infinity edge, you and your guests will no doubt want to enjoy it as much as possible. Why not add to the enjoyment of your view by installing a hot tub for prime relaxation? By installing a hot tub on the infinity edge, you and your family and friends will be able to unwind and enjoy the view from the comfort and warmth of a frothy hot tub.

Dress up the edge with trees and flowers

Infinity edges are often designed to maximize the natural beauty of your backyard’s surroundings, and often appear to “blend” your pool water with the sky or another body of water. However, if your infinity edge doesn’t lead to a glamorous view, why not create one yourself? You can do so by planting trees and flowers—even potted plants—just outside your infinity edge. This will create the illusion of a lush tropical landscape just outside your pool, even if you don’t have much green space to work with. The plants you place at the border of your pool will grow tall and create the illusion of you (and your pool) being elevated… even if you’re close to the ground!

Run a bench along the infinity edge

Infinity edges are all about enjoying the view. If you want to add a space for your family and friends to sit back and enjoy this view, you can consider installing an underwater bench that runs along the infinity edge.

Complete your infinity edge with a relaxing wet shelf

Wet shelves—slightly submerged platforms that allow for relaxation in very shallow water—are the perfect addition to any pool. Just add a few poolside lounge chairs and enjoy! But when working with an infinity edge, adding a wet shelf can be an especially impactful change. When you install a wet shelf in a pool with an infinity edge, you and your guests can lounge and relax in the sun as you normally would… but when you look toward your feet, it will feel like you’re relaxing in mid-air! This unique effect adds a lot to your pool and backyard, so consider adding a wet shelf if you want to improve the relaxation factor in your pool. Doing so doesn’t have to be a big project, and we can help you at every step of the way.

Do you have an infinity edge pool? What are your tips for designing and dressing it up? We’d love to hear them in the comments! And as always, if you have pool design questions or needs, be sure to contact us at (877) 574-6030 so we can help you plan the pool of your dreams.

Dressing Up Your Infinity Edge Pool

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