Swim Below the Stars: 5 Tips for Improved Nighttime Swimming

Swim Below the Stars: 5 Tips for Improved Nighttime Swimming

Clear sky, cooler temperatures, and an abundance of stars that you can just start to see when all the lights are out.

It’s the perfect ambiance for a nighttime swim—and with nights starting earlier and earlier as we head into fall, now is the perfect time to enjoy one of your own! Take a look at today’s blog for five tips on how to do just that.

Light it up

Every nighttime pool party, or even simple midnight swims, requires the right lighting to set the scene! One especially fun way to supplement your built-in lighting is to add a “disco” light show to the water itself. You can pick up a light and portable floating light show that throws multicolored projections across the water’s surface, alternating them as it spins around and puts on a truly captivating visual display. Some even shoot out water like a fountain!

All this can be done without making any changes to your pool’s structure or design. Just pick up a light kit and let it float along, showcasing its bright colors along the way.

Add candles with a double function

Candles are another great option for lighting your pool scape, but one variety in particular is especially worth using. Citronella candles serve a double function: they add a warm, flickering ambiance to your space and help protect it from mosquitoes who happen to love a good nighttime pool visit as much as you do. The use of candles can help keep them at bay as you wade or splash around.

Save the fast-paced fun and games for daylight

If you’ve got young swimmers in your crew, let them know that nighttime swimming is best for just that: swimming. A slick deck is easy to miss without sunlight guiding the way, making fast-paced games like “Fish out of Water” a little clumsier than you intended. Nighttime swims are perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and simply enjoying one another’s company in a cool aquatic environment.

Enjoy soothing music

To set a peaceful atmosphere (and avoid waking up the neighbors!), you can’t go wrong with a playlist of soothing music like jazz or light pop. Save the classic rock for tomorrow afternoon!

Brighten up your space at dinnertime

Finally, be sure not to treat dinner like an afterthought. Utilizing your patio’s fire pit to toast s’mores, hot dogs and other campfire-style treats is a great way to turn dinner into a show. The flickering of the bright orange flame against the night sky is a sight truly worth enjoying!

What are your must-haves for swimming under the stars? Be sure to share them with us below!

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