5 Ways to Get a Lazy River in Your Backyard Pool

5 Ways to Get a Lazy River in Your Backyard Pool

Ah, the lazy river. It’s a popular staple of resort pools where you’re free to do nothing but drift through the water, kick back on a float, and let the current sweep you around and around.

The lazy river is, appropriately, lazy (and fun!). Did you know that you might be able to get your own version of the lazy river in your own backyard? Take a look at today’s blog to see how we can help transform your pool design into an oasis of laidback enjoyment!

The illusion of space

One of the biggest misconceptions about designing a backyard lazy river is that you’ll need lots and lots of space to do it. While your “river” might not quite compare, in length, to the river at your favorite hotel or water park, it can actually help you create the illusion of more space than you have.

Look at it this way. Your standard rectangular pool, no matter the size, will feel like one singular space because wherever you are in the pool, you can see the water or people on the other side. In the case of a pool shaped like a lazy river, however, there are several different sections to explore and enjoy. Different groups of people can be in the pool, simultaneously, enjoying very different (but just as fun) experiences!

Designing a winding pool…

So, how do you get the river shape in your yard? If you’re starting from scratch, and your backyard allows for it, you might be able to design a winding pool that wraps around in a sort of natural ring shape. We already do this, to some degree, with pools that are L-shaped. Turning that “L” into a river that connects at its ends is just a matter of using more land and continuing the curve.

… or transforming a standard one

Another option involves turning a standard pool layout into a river of sorts—not by taking down walls or extending your pool’s border, but by adding a kind of island to the center of your pool. A waterfall structure or large planter might be able to serve as the central feature to your lazy river, the point around which the rest of the pool revolves. This will create a feeling of separation in your pool, since swimmers will be able to travel around the outer edges as if in a river.

Achieving the famously lazy current

When you think of a “lazy river,” you think of water that’s constantly moving and removing your need to swim to get around. Can you accomplish that in your backyard pool, too? Possibly! Doing so would take advantage of the same kind of jet technology that endless pools use to keep you constantly swimming.

Additional features

Finally, when designing your river, it can be helpful to add additional features to complete the look. Covering your central island structure with plants or even resort-style amenities like lounge chairs or a comfy cabana can add to the immersive feel of the river, adding dimension and making it feel like a large, truly unique space.

Feeling inspired? These are just a few ideas! Call Extreme Pools today to learn more about the great ways we can transform your space this summer. We look forward to working with you.

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