From Public Pool to Personal Paradise: 10 Reasons to Make the Switch This Fall

From Public Pool to Personal Paradise: 10 Reasons to Make the Switch This Fall

If you spent the summer at the public pool, you might be yearning for a pool of your own for the next swim season. But who says you have to wait?

Now is a great time to turn your dreams of pool ownership into reality. Take a look at today’s blog for ten big reasons to make a splash with a pool that’s all your own!

More swimming space

While a backyard swimming pool not have more physical space than your neighborhood spot, it certainly has more usable space for you! You don’t need to worry about bumping into fellow swimmers (who, like you, flock to the pool during hot and humid weather) and can enjoy a more peaceful experience.

A chance to hone new skills

Want to practice your butterfly stroke? Or perfect your snorkeling technique before you take it to the ocean? The comfort of your own personal pool can help you explore these activities and more.

Privacy when you want it…

When you crave a quiet kind of pool experience, you can have that, too. Whether you want a spot to do your morning yoga or simply catch up on a good book, nothing will stand between you and the beautiful backdrop of your backyard pool.

… and a social spot when you don’t

Of course, your pool can be a party spot, too—a go-to destination for family birthdays, dinner parties, and other events with loved ones by your side. Who could pass down that invitation?

A place to make your own

One of the best features of a personal swimming pool is the ability to customize it, and make it truly your own. This can be done through landscape additions, water features, lighting, and other attention-grabbing additions friends and family will love.

Pool fun on demand

You might not always want to make the drive to your nearest public pool—but when the water’s in your backyard, you can have pool fun on demand, whenever you feel like it! Just take a few steps outside and jump in.

Your brand-new home office

You probably wouldn’t take work files or your laptop to the bustling community pool—but with a pool of your own, you might find that the natural scenery creates an inspiring workspace you can’t help but take advantage of.

No more lost floaties

With a pool of your own, you’ll never have to say goodbye to one more lost floatie, pair of goggles, or towel from home. Everything is right where you need it to be—no lost and found box necessary.

Your go-to dinner spot

For waterfront dining every day of the week, your pool provides an instantly accessible “al fresco” spot to enjoy. Dip your feet in with drinks and tapas, or set a dinner table for the family on your patio. Either way, you can’t beat the view!

A Fido-friendly space

Finally, owning your own pool comes with one big perk for dog owners: the chance to let Fido in on the fun! Your four-legged friend can jump, splash, and swim alongside you. It’s your pool, and your own set of pup-friendly rules.

Ready to learn more about pool ownership? Browse through our website or call Extreme Pools today—we’re excited to help you design the pool of your dreams!

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