Daytona Beach Pool Maintenance: 7 Tips for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Tile

Daytona Beach Pool Maintenance: 7 Tips for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Tile

You know how to skim a pool and sweep up your deck… but what about the harder-to-reach spots? The space between your pool’s edge and the water below may be easy to miss, but it’s also easy to clean!

Just take a look at today’s blog for seven simple tips on how to do it.

Skim your pool

Skimming your pool removes debris from the surface… so what does that have to do with maintaining your pool’s water line tiles? As it turns out, quite a bit!

Skimming your pool’s surface regularly can prevent leaves, seeds, bugs, and other debris from floating around the water and getting stuck on the sides. You can even pick up an automated pool skimmer that does the work for you, taking in leaves before they even have a chance to build up in your pool.

Jump in

Fortunately, cleaning your pool tile is a chore you can feel good about doing… especially since you can do it from the water itself! Soak up some sun and cool off as you clean.

Use a pumice stone to remove buildup

For calcium scaling on your pool tile (the hard, white buildup at the water line), using a wet pumice stone can help you break some of it down before you do any additional cleaning.

Fight dirt and stains with an at-home cleanser         

Once you’ve taken care of the scaling, you can use ingredients you already have on hand to create a multipurpose cleanser for those pesky tile stains or built-up dirt. Baking soda and water, for example, can be applied with a nylon-bristled brush (or even an old toothbrush!) to remove any grime that remains.

Amp up your tools when necessary

Sometimes, the dirt is a little more stubborn! Don’t worry. In some cases, you might consider power washing your tiles or applying a tile cleaner made for removing hard water stains.

Find the cause

Determining the cause of tile stains or scaling can help you avoid both problems in the future. Evaporation and high alkalinity (Ph) are two factors that can lead to calcium buildup, for example. Adding a pool enclosure can help you lessen evaporation in your pool, while you can ask your pool service team about ways to decrease the water’s Ph levels.

Continue with regular maintenance

Once you’ve achieved a cleaner pool, keep up the progress! That can mean anything from jumping in every once and a while to brush off stains, to enlisting the help of a service team for maintenance you don’t even have to think about.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy an even better pool experience. For additional help with maintaining a clean, comfortable pool, be sure to take advantage of Extreme’s weekly pool service! Call us today to learn more.

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