Warm Weather Pool Tips

Warm Weather Pool Tips

When it’s hot and humid in Central Florida, there’s nothing quite so refreshing as a cool dip in your custom pool. Still, summer here isn’t like other seasons in other states. That’s why it’s wise to keep in mind warm weather pool care tips.

Through regular use and proper maintenance, your pool can provide years of fun and entertainment. Use this advice to maximize enjoyment of your custom pool this summer:

Make Cleaning a Priority

Especially if your pool has been out of use for several weeks or even months, it’s essential to prepare before anyone is allowed to swim or wade.

That includes using a pole-mounted skimmer to remove dirt, debris, and foreign objects that have found their way into the pool. In addition, it’s wise to brush all surfaces, including the walls, floor, steps, and more.

Many pool owners choose to contact a professional pool cleaning service. Working with a trusted and reputable pool technician offers you the peace of mind that your pool will be safe for every member of the family.

Focus on Flow

Pool circulation is essential in the summer months to guarantee optimal performance. Ensure the main pump is operating at least eight to 12 hours per day. Pool owners with salt systems may need to run the pump for longer periods.

Pay special attention to filtration when it’s hot outside. This includes keeping baskets (skimmer and pump) and the filter itself clean and free from debris. Insects are more active in the warm weather, and summer breezes can send sand into your pool.

In addition, maintaining ideal water chemistry is integral. Test and treat water at least once a week and adjust chemical levels accordingly. If you’re unsure or unwilling to perform this necessary maintenance, contact a skilled and qualified technician well-versed in Central Florida swimming pools for assistance.

Preserve Water

Pools are ideal for summer fun. That includes swimming, splashing, water games, and simply relaxing by the water. However, the hot and humid Central Florida summers cause pool water to evaporate with greater frequency than in other months. That’s why it’s wise to take precautions to keep water loss at a minimum.

That includes avoiding excessive splashing. Of course, no one wants to keep people from having fun, but when splash games and cannonballs go on for hours, major pool water loss can occur.

In addition to the earlier-mentioned benefits, regular pool maintenance can also help you detect potential leaks early, and take necessary steps to remedy the issue. Leaks waste thousands of gallons of water per year — costing you money and potentially putting the surrounding environment at risk. If you detect or suspect a leak, it’s a good idea to immediately contact a specialist adept at Flagler pool repairs.

Consult a Professional

Whether you’ve had a pool your whole life or are poised to become a first-time pool owner, our friendly and knowledgeable staff members love to answer questions about the innovative and inviting custom pools we create.

A premier Ormond Beach custom pool builder, we’re proud of our intrepid track record of customer satisfaction. The Extreme Difference means we put you first, and never rush into any project. Browse our website to discover why we’ve become the go-to resource for Daytona pools and outdoor excitement across Central Florida. Then, contact us today to get started on a custom pool to match your personal style and preferences.

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