Our Best Tips for Nighttime Swimming

Our Best Tips for Nighttime Swimming

There’s something special about swimming and spending time by the pool after dusk—while you may not get a tan, you and your guests will be able to enjoy an entirely new side of your pool and patio space. With that being said, there are a few ways you can make your next nighttime swimming experience even better. Take a look at our ideas below.


Provide plenty of light

Good lighting is always a plus in outdoor spaces, but especially around your pool. It will let everyone in or out of the pool see each other, the pool’s edge, the food they’re eating—whatever it may be. It can also serve as a safety feature, as a well-lit pool will eliminate the chances of slips and falls on unseen objects.

You can make your lighting part of your décor by choosing fun colors or putting it into the pool itself, using laminar jets.

Warm up the space

While it may not be cold outside, your guests will still appreciate having a warm place to gather around. Use your backyard fire pit to serve as a gathering space for fun, laughs and catching up—perhaps even bring out ingredients for some delicious campfire s’mores!

Play your favorite tunes

Your favorite music can add life to a nighttime get together—just be sure to keep it at a moderate volume so as to not wake up the neighbors.

Stay safe

As we mentioned earlier, safety is always key. While you should never run around the pool, it’s an especially important rule to follow now since you may not be able to see puddles or obstructions as clearly as you would in the daytime.

Provide plenty of tasty treats

Supply your family and friends with tasty treats to celebrate the nighttime get together. There’s no need to be fancy, either—classics like hot dogs, chips, pretzels, popsicles and more will keep everyone filled up and ready for fun.

By following these steps, you’ll soon see why nighttime swimming is one of Floridians’ favorite activities!

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