Port Orange Pools: Weather-Friendly Pool and Deck Furniture

They say April showers bring May flowers—a nice sentiment, but in Florida, the wet season can often start even earlier! This spring, consider weatherproofing your backyard oasis to help it withstand the elements and maintain its quality for years to come.

Here are the materials you’ll most likely encounter on your quest for weather-friendly furniture, and the reasons you should (or, in some cases, shouldn’t) use them around your own pool:

Wood: This may be one of the most attractive, natural options for your deck furniture, and with the right measures, it can last you years. While wood is inherently fit for an outdoor décor scheme, and won’t retain heat like other materials might, it also requires some treatment and care to prevent it from fading or rotting. Woods including pine, teak and cedar are options worth considering; just be sure to treat them as needed with oils, sealants or pressure treatment to keep their quality consistent!

Plastic: While plastic used to be seen as a less-than-luxurious option, you can now find plastic furniture in a multitude of styles, colors and designs to match your home’s look. Depending on the quality of plastic furniture you pick up, it can last you as long as some of the more traditional materials, and typically offers a wide variety of looks to choose from.

Metal: Your deck or patio furniture can come in several different types of metal, from aluminum to wrought iron. The former is lighter, will retain less heat and require less maintenance, although both are viable options that can be used to modernize (or traditionalize) a backyard décor scheme.

Wicker: Whether it’s made of synthetic or natural materials, wicker furniture is a great functional and aesthetic choice for a neutral design. Like plastic and wood, it can be treated to withstand the elements better than plastic or raw wood on its own might.

Don’t forget your pillows and cushions! If you have a sofa or chairs that require fabric, opt for those made for outdoor use; they’re better suited to withstand rain and are more resistant to fading as well. 

Port Orange Pools: Weather-Friendly Pool and Deck Furniture

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Great ideas put forward for decorating around your pool and deck.
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