Orlando Pools and the Automation Difference

Your backyard oasis is a place of tranquility, fun and entertainment—and for a place that’s supposed to be so stress-free, you don’t want to waste time with cleaning, temperature maintenance and other processes. We offer Hayward automation systems to help curb the time you spend on maintenance, giving you more to do what you love in your Orlando pool.

A modern pool comes with so many customizable features like lighting, temperature controls and flow speed—which is great! They make your pool and the surrounding area more comfortable and more entertaining for your family, friends and neighbors. But controlling all of those additions can be time-consuming and, ultimately, confusing. Our Hayward packages aim to take out the worry of dealing with these systems and the task of keeping track of when they must be done. You just need to program them to do what you want and when.

We can help you automate such processes as:

Heaters: Tell your Hayward automatic system when you want your pool to be warm and when you don’t mind if it cools off a bit. Temperatures and needs change throughout the year, and so can your controls. Being able to save energy in the pool for “prime time” will boost your energy efficiency and save costs as well.

Lights: Don’t worry about having to turn your lights on every night. Whether it’s a simple in-pool light or more custom, colorful setup, you can program when you want it.

Moving water: Do you have a unique moving water setup in your pool—maybe a waterfall, rain wall or set of laminar jets? You can program them to turn on during key parts of your day and have them stay off for the rest of the time, like one nobody is home.

These are just a few of the ways we can help automate your pool. Ask about our systems so you can save up to 70% on your home energy costs.


Orlando Pools and the Automation Difference

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