Our Favorite Pool Landscaping Ideas

Springtime is here, and in Florida we have the advantage of being able to plant virtually year-round! If a pool landscaping project is on your to-do list, you can try one of these simple design schemes to make your backyard pool stand out.

The type of landscaping you’ll use largely depends on the style of pool you have in place.

For a pool surrounded by decking without much natural greenery around, potted plants are a great way to add a lush, tropical look. You can do this in clusters around the pool’s entryway or dot your plants in a semi-border.

If you have a zero-entry pool, you can accentuate the striking entry area with potted (or planted, depending on your space) flowers. This marks off the area as a place to look at, while also making lounging and relaxing by the zero-entry a more scenic and tranquil experience.

If you have grassy space close to the edge of your pool, you’re in luck, too! You have a wide variety of options, from building a natural fence (with hedges, tall plants or trees) or constructing a colorful boundary around the pool’s edge.

Don’t be worried about plant debris dirtying up your pool; there are plenty of plants available known for their striking appearance and cleanliness. The Queen Palm, for example, gently sways in the breeze and provides a nice shade, without being too overpowering. As for color, your options are endless. We’ve noticed that flowers in shades of blue, like Hibiscus or Blue Salvia, look great next to a clean, bright blue pool.

Our Favorite Pool Landscaping Ideas

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