Setting Your Pool Up for Summer Fun

Setting Your Pool Up for Summer Fun

June 21st marks the official start to the summer season, but here in Central Florida, things are already heating up. You may have already enjoyed your first summer pool day, but it’s never too late to embrace the season by setting your pool up for ultimate summer fun.  

Today, we’re highlighting the best ways to set your pool up for its most busy season. Use these tips to make your backyard pool the center of the action, while embracing the relaxing benefits of your own custom pool. Just read on for our top tips!

Smooth the Waters

No one likes a dirty swimming pool and after a winter of little use, your Daytona Beach custom pool may be in need of a little tender love and care. You can start the clean-up process with a “chemical open”. Do so by putting the filtration system together, cleaning out the filter baskets and remove any plugs that were placed in the pool before the winter season. Notice if your water level has gone down and make sure to top off any lost volume before using.

Before turning your filter on, clean it by removing the cartridge and washing it with your hose. Refer to your local pool service if you have a different type of filter that requires more work to clean. Once everything is topped off and fresh, go ahead and turn things on to their normal setting. Starting the summer with a clean pool is the best way to ensure plenty of care-free fun in the coming months!

Bring in the Shade

A custom pool is best enjoyed on a sunny Central Florida day, however the summer sun can be quite strong and a little break in the shade will only help the fun go on for longer. You can opt for the traditional umbrella or get creative by installing a patio cover or vine-covered pergola on your backyard pool deck. Adding some shade to your pool area will improve the appearance and structure of your backyard while also providing an outdoor place to retreat from the summer heat.

If you’d like to enjoy a little shade while swimming, consider placing a shade sail over one side of your pool. These innovative shade solutions provide protection without obstructing your view or taking up too much space. It can also create a relaxing, bohemian atmosphere as you lounge around in the water under the effortless shade provided.

Invest in Comfort

Florida summertime calls for hours spent by the pool chatting, eating, and watching the kids splash in the water until their heart’s content. This large amount of time spent lounging by the pool calls for high quality, comfort-focused pool furniture. It’s wise to invest in well-made items that will last for many summers to come. Choose ultimate comfort to support those endless summer days of sipping cocktails or snacking on fresh fruit by the water. Try to find furniture that fits your home’s current style, while also providing sun proof and weatherproof benefits.

Let Nature In

Having your own backyard custom pool in Ormond Beach can already feel like a trip to the spa outside the comfort of your own home. However, you can emphasize this feeling by creating a natural oasis around your pool area. Planting luscious, tropical vegetation can provide a natural spa-like feel that only you have the opportunity to enjoy. For added privacy, you can plant tall shrubs or bamboo to shield your pool from close neighbors. Not only will you find yourself spending more time in the pool this summer, but you’ll also enjoy your well landscaped pool deck as a meditation space or the perfect breakfast spot in the mornings.

If you’re not ready to commit to full-on landscaping, consider adding a variety of potted plants to your custom pool area. Colorful blooms and vibrant palms make great potted and controlled plants that you can place throughout your backyard to create the ultimate tropical getaway.

Light It Up

Summer fun by the pool shouldn’t end with the sunset. We believe summer pool time can carry on late into the night! All you need is some, intentional combined with decorative, lighting. Install bright LED lights into the pool’s border to highlight the size and structure of your custom pool. Decorate your pool deck with inspiring string lights draped over the area. String lights provide ambiance, warmth and atmosphere that perfectly ties together your outdoor space. Also, keeping your pool area well-lit will prevent accidental injuries and will encourage late night summer cook outs or celebrations.

Let the Fun Begin

Now that your pool area is set up for summer fun, include some playful additions to keep the whole family intrigued. Anything from comfortable pool floats, to a volleyball net, beach balls, a basketball hoop and more are all sure to keep the excitement going all summer long. Engage in a little friendly competition as you and your loved ones participate in pool games or an exciting round of a cannonball contest. There is truly no limit to the summer fun that can be had in your very own Daytona Beach custom pool!

Whether you are already enjoying your backyard pool or you’re in the market for a Central Florida pool builder, Extreme Pools is happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on offering personalized service to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your custom pool. Simply contact us today for easy and affordable ways to improve your existing pool, or get started on a new one!

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