What We Can Learn from the World’s Largest Swimming Pools

What We Can Learn from the World’s Largest Swimming Pools

Travel the globe and you’ll see, the world is home to some larger-than-life swimming pools! While pools of such mammoth size are, of course, found chiefly at international resorts (as opposed to family backyards), they’re still worth marveling at… and they can teach us a lot about our own pool designs here at home!

In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at a few key takeaways to be gained from the world’s largest swimming pools.

Design matters

Even when designers are aiming to break records with the sheer size of their pool, they still take design into account—otherwise, we’d have lots of plain square and rectangle pools around the world!

Take the City of Stars pool in Egypt, for example. This new record holder spans over 22 acres and features bright blue water guests will want to jump right in to. Its edges are crafted with a natural look in mind, and the pool itself resembles a large lagoon big enough for swimmers, sail boats and other unique features. Because the pool is a sort of oasis of itself in a country famous for its rolling dunes, that attention to natural landscaping detail makes sense!

The former record holder, Chile’s San Alfonso del Mar, looks a bit different—though it’s almost as large, and happens to have been built by the same team that did City of Stars! Because this pool is located on the beach, its size is spread out over a long distance and the pool itself has a narrower profile. What’s most interesting about this oceanfront pool, however, is its border shape—its side has rolling indentations that mirror the curves of the ocean waves on the shore! This is yet another example of the detail that goes into pool design, and the unique way your pool can work with its natural surroundings.

Large pools can benefit from sectioned spaces

While your pool may not be nearly as large as the ones featured in today’s blog, you might still have a relatively large pool on your hands—which can be a good thing, when you design it in a smart, mindful way! Another monster-sized pool, Dreamworld Fun Lagoon, does this well. Its size is used wisely, as you’ll find different features in different parts of the pool (from kayaking in one part to inflatable slides in another). You can put this idea to use in your pool, too, by creating sections for the activities you love to do best—a corner with a built-in bench for poolside snacks, for example, and then a deeper portion perfect for swimming laps.

There’s more than one way to craft your pool

The world’s largest pools may have one thing in common—their sheer size—but they are distinct in almost every other area. What can that tell you about your own pool project? That it’s okay to stand out—because there’s no one way to craft a pool! Some use saltwater, others fresh—some use natural, rolling edges while others prefer modern shapes. The best pool design is the one that works for you, your family and friends, so keep this in mind during the design process for an end result you truly love!

While these pools may be best enjoyed on vacation, their design features and characteristics can be implemented in your own backyard! We hope that today’s blog helps you achieve a sense of space and grandeur in and around your pool.

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