Your Guide to In-Pool Planters

Central Florida may not be known as a concrete jungle… but when you have a limited amount of green space around your pool, it can sometimes feel like one! With the arrival of springtime, you might be looking for ways to bring more flowers and greenery to your backyard, and if you’re short on grassy space, you might want to consider our in-pool planters.
You may not be completely familiar with the idea of planters in the pool itself, and that’s okay—it’s a relatively new design idea! It involves the design and use of stylish planters to help you add a natural touch to your pool; whether you use your planters to add color to a bleak backyard, or just want to change the style of your pool, the addition of planters offers you an easy way to accomplish your design goals.
Our planters can:
• Break up the monotony of your current pool’s design scheme by adding color and texture.
• Serve as a focal point for your pool and surrounding backyard.
• Allow you to add shade to your pool with trees or broad-leafed plants.
• Add cohesiveness to your backyard by allowing you to bring the same flowers you use on land into your pool.
• Be planted with “clean” plants that don’t produce much debris, leading to a cleaner pool.

Are you interested in installing planters in your pool, or plan on adding them to your future one? Let us know what you want, and we’ll work to turn your ideas into a concrete design.

Your Guide to In-Pool Planters

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