7 Gift Ideas for Swimmers and Water Lovers

Do you have a dedicated swimmer or water lover on your “shop-for” list this holiday season? If you’re struggling to find a gift, worry no more—in today’s blog, we will be highlighting seven great gift ideas for even the hardest to shop for person!

New gear…

On the top of many swimmers’ wish lists this year? New gear! Like all athletes, swimmers are constantly going through swimsuits, caps, goggles and even warmup gear. For a practical but meaningful gift, pick up one of these items for the swimmer on your list.

…and something to hold it all in

Of course, with new gear comes the need for a new bag to hold it all in! Whether their sports bag has seen better days or they just want a newer, bigger storage solution for their gear, a new bag in their favorite colors can be a greatly appreciated gift for any swimmer or outdoor enthusiast.

Fitness tracker

For many swimmers, the sport is all about bettering themselves and improving their health and fitness. That’s where this popular device comes in. Fitness trackers have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, since they can effortlessly track the amount of activity the wearer is doing and provide detailed reports that can lead to better workouts. Fortunately for swimmers, there are even waterproof varieties that can be safely worn while doing laps!

Underwater camera

You can bet that the swimmer in your life—whether they compete in meets or simply love to spend time in the water—would love an underwater friendly camera to take with them into the water. A camera like this can provide hours upon hours of entertainment and is a must-have addition to any outdoor adventurer’s arsenal.

The best part? An underwater camera may not be as expensive as you think! There are several different types and price ranges to choose from, so you’ll never have to miss out on a great gift at a great deal.

Personalized accessories

Who doesn’t love personalized accessories? For the swimmer in your life, consider personalizing a set of super absorbent towels for the locker room, a backpack with the swimmer’s initials, or another custom gift. Personalizing accessories isn’t just a nice gesture—it’s practical for avoiding locker room mix-ups, too!

Water toys

Everyone can appreciate the novelty of a new water toy. Find something—whether it’s a floating drink cooler or raft—that the swimmer or water lover in your life can use every time they dive into a pool or other body of water.

Gift card

Gift cards may sometimes be seen as last-minute gifts—but we think they can be just as thoughtful as anything else on this list. If you’re not exactly sure what type of gear or accessory the water lover in your life needs, pick up a gift card to their favorite outdoor or sporting goods store so they can find something they love.

We hope that these ideas help you as you shop for gifts this holiday season!

7 Gift Ideas for Swimmers and Water Lovers

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