Add a Pool Garden for Instant Peace and Comfort

Add a Pool Garden for Instant Peace and Comfort

There are many reasons to love a pool. Pools are relaxing, cooling, and swimming provides low-impact cardiovascular activity. In Florida, swimming, wading, or even lounging around the pool is part of normal daily life.

Peace and comfort are enhanced with the addition of a poolside garden or nature area. By combining water and other natural elements, you can create a unique space where friends and family can unwind, meditate, and make a personal connection with the surrounding environment.

Here’s how to add a garden to your pool area:

Start with a Design

Choosing an elegant and eye-catching design makes your pool more inviting and beautiful. It creates a stress-free zone, and adds a freshness to your entire home.

Novel design elements have the power to enhance and stimulate our senses. Consider incorporating sweeping and smooth angles and curves, terraced gardens, varied shapes and depths, stone elements, and overhangs to create a welcoming and placid scene.

Strategically placed planters and lighting lend whimsical appeal to any outdoor space. These can be used in concert with other items such as art and sculptures. Water features are both captivating and calming. These include fountains, waterfalls, and other in-pool design elements.

Combining features creates distinctive areas. For instance, a circular pool matched with stone accents and a palm frond canopy presents the ambiance of a tropical paradise right in your backyard!

When planning your design, keep your lifestyle in mind. If you host a lot of parties, you’ll want a good amount of deck space. Or you might want to make room for a barbecue or fire pit where friends and family can relax and unwind in pleasant weather.

Choose Plants and Flowers Wisely

When you’ve chosen the general design of your pool garden, it’s now time to select flowers and plants that will match. Whether you choose a tropical, modern, desert, or another layout, it’s important to complete the visual with natural elements that will complement the overall design.

In general terms, there are a few flowers and plants that will work well into any plan. They include evergreen trees, ivy or another ground cover, shrubs, ornamental grasses, long-blooming flowers, and more.

Many homeowners in Florida choose layouts that match the “Florida theme.” These include banana trees, Hawaiian hibiscus, bird of paradise, geraniums, Egyptian papyrus, echeveria, and other natural elements that do well in this region of the country.

Consider a “Green” Pool

If your focus is on creating harmony with nature, a green pool could be just what you’re looking for. Also known as natural pools, these recreational elements work in concert with nature — often using existing natural elements to construct a swimming area. Already commonplace in Europe, green pools have begun to increase in popularity in the United States.

The benefits of this option include reduction or elimination of chemicals and reduced maintenance costs. They can also be less labor-intensive. Contact your qualified pool professional for more information.

Reach Out to the Experts

Serving clients across Central Florida for many years, we’re passionate about pools. Our qualified staff is always glad to answer your questions. Contact us today to find out how you can make the pool of your dreams a reality!

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