Orlando Pool Seating: How to Choose

Looking for ways to spice up your patio and pool area? Or is your bare deck in need of some furniture? If you have questions about pool and patio seating, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s blog, we will be discussing different pool and patio seating options and how they may work for you.

Lounge chairs

Outdoor lounge chairs are perfect for those swimmers who like to tan, read or nap by the poolside. With adjustable positions, they’re easy to manipulate into a setting that you or your guests find most comfortable. 

That being said, many pool owners often shy away from lounge chairs because they don’t like the dull, plastic look many such chairs have. But don’t be discouraged—there is a whole world of lounge chairs that are just as adjustable and much more comfortable! Many come complete with cushions, so you and your guests will be able to relax in style and comfort.

Cozy couch 

Many pool owners opt for the simple couch and table combo because it works in virtually every backyard setting. A couch can seat multiple people and an accompanying table can provide the perfect spot for drinks, snacks and the occasional card game. Whatever you do, just be sure to choose a comfortable couch—if you plan on entertaining often, backs or seats made of wicker with no cushions can be a bit uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Outdoor dining room table

An outdoor “dining room” table may not be the most conventional choice for every pool owner, but is perfect for those who have an outdoor kitchen or just do lots of entertaining by the pool! A table and chairs or bar stools creates a relaxing, lounge style atmosphere and encourages guests to stick around and enjoy themselves. Having plenty of seats and an accompanying table make this setup perfect for dinner parties, family get togethers, and other special occasions. 

In pool seating

If you don’t have enough deck space or simply want to make your pool itself a bit more entertaining, why not put the seating inside the pool? There are many options for pool owners who want to bring the fun to the water. For example—built in bar stools or a bench that run along the side of your pool are easy, non-obtrusive options for everyday entertaining. For a more defined entertaining spot, you can even add an actual patio table and chair set made specifically for the water! These furniture pieces are designed to stay weighed down in the pool and are easy to add and remove, making them perfect for spur-of-the-moment entertaining.

When it comes to your poolside seating, the options are as diverse as the pool owners themselves. If this is your first time shopping for seating (or your patio is in need of a furniture overhaul), take some time to think about what you want and how you want your space to be used. Knowing the goal for your poolside space (whether it’s group entertaining or solo relaxing) can help you better decide what to do.


Orlando Pool Seating: How to Choose

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