Central Florida Pools: What’s in a Shape?

Are you in the process of designing your Central Florida pool? The options for shapes and sizes are virtually endless! In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few common shapes and how they may fit in with your space.


The rectangle is one of the most common shapes for pools due to its versatility and “convenient” size—it can fit in almost any backyard landscape! The rectangular shaped pool’s neutral, easy to fit in nature makes it a popular “default” choice that can blend into most styles and backyard designs. You may want this pool shape if you want your landscaping and patio décor—not the pool itself—to define your backyard style, or if you see a mix of entertaining, playing and relaxing in your pool space.


You don’t see circular pools very often—but when you do, they make an impact! That’s because this simple but striking shape often requires a good bit of backyard space to work. Its seamless lack of corners is a design that is typically seen in above ground pools, not built in ones. 

But just because it’s not the most common shapes, doesn’t mean the circular pool is any less valid of a choice! If you have the space, a circular pool can be both a fun and visually dramatic option—and you can bet that your pool will stand out from the rest. You can even accentuate the center of the circle by adding an underwater tile design or light fixture.

Because a circular pool has no corners, there’s no “natural” place to put potted plants or other décor pieces. Keep the perimeter clear to highlight the circle and instead keep plants, chairs and other pieces closer to the wall.


Another less frequently seen choice, the oval pool is a hybrid of the rectangle and circle. This pool has the versatility of a rectangle but the playful border of the circle, and is a fun twist on traditional styles.


We see kidney shaped pools every now and then. Why are they a popular choice? For starters, they go well with many backyard landscapes and décor styles. Their curved shape also takes advantage of small spaces, making it ideal for homeowners with smaller backyards.


The aptly named lagoon pool shape is one of the most natural options. Its rounded “corners” make it perfect for more natural backyard landscapes, and it can fit in perfectly with your oasis style rocky waterfall or natural landscaping. A lagoon also provides you with several more separate spaces—you can have a few guests chatting in one corner while kids play games in another, and both can enjoy the pool simultaneously!


The “L” shaped pool is modern and takes advantage of many corners to create distinct swimming spaces. One “leg” of the L can be your entertaining spot—add lounge chairs or in pool seating to this area—while the other can be a more active area for swimmers. No matter how you choose to divide the space, this is a truly versatile option!

What pool shape is your favorite? Whatever your dream pool may be, we can help you achieve it. Just give us a call at (877) 574-6030 and find out how we can turn your ideas into a reality.


Central Florida Pools: What’s in a Shape?

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