Orlando Pool Design: 10 Smart Pool Projects for the Fall

Orlando Pool Design: 10 Smart Pool Projects for the Fall

The end of summer doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your pool until springtime—in fact, here in Florida, our pools are still key parts of our home’s look and our weekend fun! This season, you may be looking for ways to optimize your pool and improve its design or functionality for the months to come—if so, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s blog, we will be looking at ten smart pool projects to pursue this fall.

Build a pool

One of the best pool-focused projects to try this fall is, naturally, to build one! If you haven’t taken the plunge just yet, now is one of the best times to do it. You’ll be able to oversee your project with ease without the added pressure that comes during the summer, when you want to use your pool every day!

Redesign your current pool

If your current pool doesn’t suit your needs, or if you didn’t have a say in the original design process, why not consider a redesign? Depending on your space available, you can make your pool bigger, extend its edges, or add in custom features like built-in seating that make outdoor entertaining a breeze.

Make landscaping changes

Now is also a great time to consider the landscape surrounding your pool, and how you can change it to improve your overall space. You can switch out current plants for cleaner ones that are less likely to produce lots of seeds and debris. You can also trim overhanging trees so that they grow back safely and healthily in the months leading up to the summer pool season!

Rethink your decking

The decking that surrounds your pool can make or break its overall design—plus, the right decking can deliver a safer, less slippery poolside experience.

Create a getaway of your own

This fall might be the perfect time for you to enhance your pool and patio and turn your space into a sort of at-home getaway. This might mean anything from adding oasis-style rocks and a waterfall to the exterior of your pool, or bringing luxuriously comfortable outdoor seating to your patio. These changes will make you feel like you’re at a five-star resort every time you step outside!

Add a hot tub…

There’s nothing quite like a soak in your own hot tub at the end of a busy day. Consider adding one to your pool area for comfy, effortless relaxation whenever you want it.

…and other water features

Other water features can add a similarly relaxing feel to your space. You can add a rain wall, sheer descent waterfall, laminar jets and other features for a visually and audibly enjoyable effect.

Revitalize your pool’s interior finish

If the inside of your pool has seen better days, it might be time to bring back its luster with a new interior finish! Our CrystalStone finishes offer just that, and come in a variety of colors to suit your design preferences.

Automate your pool

Take the guesswork out of pool work and simplify your pool’s heating and filtration system. You can automate your pool so that these basic processes are as easy to manage as setting a schedule or tapping a button.

Brighten your space with new lighting

If you hope to enjoy lots of nighttime swims or patio dinner parties this fall, you’ll want to ensure that your space is bright and well-lit. Supplement your patio lighting with in-pool lighting, that can come in the form of lit laminar jets or in-pool lights that brighten up the water itself.

Which of these ideas do you plan to try this fall? No matter what project you decide to pursue, we’re sure it will bring a noticeable improvement to the look and feel of your space.

If we here at Extreme Pools can help you along the way, let us know! We have experience in pool designs, redesigns, decking, automation systems and much more.

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