Orlando Custom Pool: Staying Warm and Cozy by the Pool This Fall

Orlando Custom Pool: Staying Warm and Cozy by the Pool This Fall

By summertime, you want to cool off by any means possible—which often involves taking a quick splash in the pool!

During the fall, your pool is as beautiful and inviting as ever… but with a gentle breeze in the air, you might find yourself wanting to stay a little warmer. Can you have a warm and cozy fall while still enjoying your pool? We think so!

Take a look below for a few easy ways to stay warm as you lounge around poolside this fall.

Try the spa treatment

If you love the feeling of being in the water, but don’t want to get too cold, the addition of a spa or hot tub might be just what you need this fall!

Heat your pool

Many pool owners enlist the help of a pool heating system from the time they build their pool—but if you don’t have one already, the fall is a great time to add one! It will change your pool-going days forever, extending your swimming season by several months and eliminating the effect a sixty-degree day or two has on your pool’s temperature.

Create a windbreak with the help of a screen enclosure

Another easy way to warm up your pool a bit? Make use of a windbreak, which will prevent cool breezes from blowing onto the surface of the water. A screen enclosure is the sturdiest way to do this, but strategically-planted shrubs or trees can accomplish a similar effect. While a windbreak might not be able to serve as a substitute for a pool heater, it can make your days in the water a bit more comfortable!

Keep warm, fluffy towels on deck

This simple step is obvious, but always worth remembering. When you’re hosting a pool party or enjoying a family day in the water, tossing a few towels in the drier before you swim, then keeping them on deck for easy drying-off, is a great step to take.

Light up your space with tiki torches…

What better way to light your space and warm it up, too, than with the addition of a few tiki torches? They add a fun, tropical vibe to your space… one that can be enjoyed all year-round.

… or a crackling fire

A more hands-on approach to natural warmth (and light) would be an actual fire, contained in your patio fire pit and perfect for stretching pool days into warm, cozy nights by the water.

Stay dry

Another easy tip? Stay dry… even when you’re in the water! It might seem like a paradox, but the right pool floats (think hefty, oversized flamingoes, tubes, etc.) can keep you dry while still letting you move around the water. It’s a way to enjoy the laidback allure of floating around, without actually getting underwater!

Can we help improve your pool this fall? Give us a call today—the Extreme team is happy to help turn your backyard oasis into a year-round hideaway!

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