5 Spooky Snacks for Your Halloween Pool Party

5 Spooky Snacks for Your Halloween Pool Party

Happy Halloween! This holiday is all about satisfying a hankering for sweet, yummy treats… and with the snack ideas found in today’s blog, your pool party won’t disappoint.

Take a look below as we share five spooky poolside snacks to enjoy at your Halloween get together!

Worms in mud

No one wants creepy crawlies in or around their pool—much less on their plate! But we think this dish will prove to be a welcome exception. You can craft “worms in mud” with ease. Just fill up a clear plastic cup with chocolate pudding, then crumble up some chocolate cookies to serve as the “dirt” on top of the mud. You can also use your favorite chocolate mousse recipe as the base! Next, simply add some colorful gummy worms and serve them poolside to family and friends.

Blood cups

For a sweet, truly “sanguine” treat, blood cups are another fun idea! There’s not much more to this treat than a clear cup filled with strawberry Jell-O, topped off with whipped cream (and maybe a candy eyeball!) for a sweet but spooky dish.

Banana ghosts

If you’re serving up fruits at your Halloween party, add a festive flair to the bananas by turning them into ghosts. You can simply add chocolate chips for the eyes and a ghostly mouth, and you’re done! To add one more level of sweetness, dip your bananas in melted white chocolate beforehand, then freeze and hand them out on Halloween night.

Pretzel pumpkins

For a fun way to spice up your bag of mini pretzels, turn them into bite-size pumpkins! Dip the pretzels in an orange chocolatey mix (just melt white chocolate and orange food coloring), then lay them out and add a green chocolate candy piece for the stem!

Floating candy

Are the guests on their way and you’re pinched for time? Don’t worry! You can put on a stunning Halloween candy display by pouring your store-bought goodies into plastic pumpkins (the kind you’d bring trick or treating). Then, simply put the pumpkins on the water and let your guests pick from them as they swim around! It’s a fun but incredibly easy way to add some Halloween flair to your poolside snacks.

With these tips, your party’s sure to be much more of a “trick” than a “treat!”. Enjoy them alongside family and friends for a truly sweet evening.

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