Orlando Pool Tips for Fall

While we may not see the same extreme colors and temperatures during fall that our neighbors to the north do, we Floridians still do experience fall! And along with the change of season comes cooler swimming temperatures and, sometimes, leaves and other debris in our pools. In today’s blog, we will be looking at some of the best ways to keep up your pool for fall.

Install a pool enclosure

One of the best ways to keep your pool clear of excess leaves and debris is to install a pool enclosure. A mesh screen enclosure can prevent unwanted debris and critters from making their way into your pool—so you won’t have to worry about constant skimming for leaves, tree seeds and bugs.

Skim your pool regularly

If you don’t have a pool enclosure, be sure to skim your pool regularly to prevent small debris from piling up into big messes. A quick skim every couple of days (or in between pool cleanings) can do a lot to keep your pool looking as clean and inviting as you want it to be.

If they’re not removed quickly, leaves may be able to stain the walls and floor of your pool. Use your skimmer and vacuum as needed to prevent this from happening and to keep your pool’s surface and walls clean.

Top off your pool with a cover

While here in Florida there’s no need to “close” your pool down for the fall and winter, it may be a good idea to cover your pool if you know it won’t be getting frequent use in the coming months. Covering your pool can eliminate the need to constantly skim and clean the water, and since you won’t be using it as often you don’t need to worry about always opening and closing the cover.

Do you want a low maintenance option that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button? A retractable pool cover may be your best bet.

Install a pool heater

All summer long you probably never thought about needing a pool heater… but this fall, if you plan on swimming it may be time to purchase and install one. A heater may seem like a big investment now, but it will pay off as you enjoy your pool throughout the fall and winter and never have to worry about checking if it’s “warm enough” to use.

Decrease shade cover

Because your pool’s temperature can drastically decrease during the fall, you may want to take away backyard factors that can make it even cooler. One way of doing this is removing any excess shade cover from the area surrounding your pool. Trim overhanging leaves and branches to eliminate the shade and warm up your pool, at least a little bit.

Trimming overhanging branches can also help you cut down on the debris and leaves that fall into your pool! And don’t worry—by the time spring and summer roll back around, you’ll be able to enjoy the shade once again.

Orlando Pool Tips for Fall

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