Cooling Off with 5 Fun Water Features

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than jumping into your pool and cooling off under a waterfall of cool, refreshing water. Water features add a visual and functional quality to your pool, and can transform your space into something truly amazing! Below, we’re looking at five fun water features to include in your pool design or redesign in the coming months.

Rain wall

Just like its name implies, a rain wall features streams of water—much like rain—that fall from a supportive structure into your pool. It can create an interesting visual impact—allowing you to see the water as it moves while still seeing through the “rain” to the view beyond it—and soothing sound that will fill your outdoor space. And of course, your kids and pool guests will love poking their heads through the wall to cool off and have a few laughs.

Sheer descent waterfall

Unlike a standard rain wall, a sheer descent waterfall will feature a solid sheet of water that comes from a spillway structure—but it provides a similar auditory effect that you and your guests will love.


A waterfall feature will create a more natural effect that you might expect from waterfalls in the real world. With a waterfall, a continuous stream of water will often come from a rock structure (and may spill over several levels before finally landing in your pool). For backyard pools that already employ a rocky, oasis style backdrop, this kind of waterfall is the perfect addition.

Laminar jets

For a light, fun water feature, laminar jets are worth considering. These jets of water will typically spring from the sides of your pool, and create a pleasant sound as they hit the water. You can light up your laminar jets to create streams in your favorite colors—perfect for parties and other special get togethers that require that added bit of festiveness.


Finally, a fountain may be one of the most traditional water features—but it’s also one of our favorite! You will often find fountains in small, sectioned-off parts of the pool made for decoration and not for swimming.

Water features can transform a pool and make it even more enjoyable for everyone who uses it. If you’re interested in adding one of these water features to your pool—or have questions about the feasibility of an idea of your own—please let us know! We can help turn your visions into a reality.

Cooling Off with 5 Fun Water Features

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