Daytona Beach Pools: More Fun in the Water

With springtime fun and warmer weather ahead—and, of course, plans for weekends spent by the pool—we thought now would be the perfect time to start thinking about games and activities to enjoy in the water. Read on to see our favorite ideas!

Pool volleyball

Playing volleyball in the pool is a classic pastime for many families, and it’s a great activity for parties and everyday get togethers, too! All you’ll need for a fun few rounds of pool volleyball is friends, a ball, and a net—which can either be an inflatable float or a “true” net mounted to the sides of your pool.


You may already have a basketball home in your driveway—but why not bring the fun to the pool as well? You can pick up a shorter hoop to place on the side of your pool. Have fun trying to shoot baskets from the water as family and friends try to pry the ball away.

Tabletop games… in the water

There are plenty of tabletop games that have their own in-water versions—so be sure to try a few out! Nowadays you can find floating checkers, card tables, and other fun variants of classic games. You can also add longtime favorites like ring toss or corn hole to your pool for even more enjoyment.

Cannonballs and other tricks

For those who love the thrill of just jumping right in, cannonball contests and other trick competitions are perfect. Kids and adults alike can enjoy perfecting their jumps as they plunge into the deep end and make a big splash. Just be sure to keep these activities away from the shallow side of your pool to ensure that everyone can carry out their jumps in a safe way.

Old-fashioned racing fun

When it comes to in-pool competition, sometimes the simplest games are the best. An old-fashioned race from one end to the other is an easy, no-fuss way to enjoy the water and have fun with loved ones. To make your race extra competitive, you can even reward the winner with a special treat or turn the event into a tournament where everyone gets a shot.

Diving games

For an easy but enormously effective way to produce lots of fun and laughs, toss weighted toys—rings, plastic fish, sticks, etc.—into the water and have participants jump in to retrieve them. Whoever comes back up with the most items, wins!

We hope that today’s blog has given you a few ideas on how to best enjoy time in the water with family and friends. With the right activities and plenty of good company, there’s no limit to how much you’ll get out of your pool this spring!

Daytona Beach Pools: More Fun in the Water

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