The 12 Days of Swimming Pool Fun

The 12 Days of Swimming Pool Fun

This season, not every special gift or memory will come wrapped up in a bow—many, in fact, are waiting for you right in your backyard pool! Here at Extreme, we’re wishing you 12 days of fun in the water with activities and toys to try to help you get the most out of your pool this holiday season. Take a look!

1st day: Get back in your pool just for the fun of it.

To kick off your 12 days, why not start simple? If you haven’t enjoyed some quality time in the pool recently, now is the perfect time to just jump in and float your worries away.

2nd day: Invite a friend in for a dip.

Once you’ve had a chance to enjoy your pool a bit more, call a companion to experience it with you! This could be a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or a family member you just don’t seem to spend enough time with.

3rd day: Try a new pool toy.

For young swimmers, a new pool toy is the perfect way to mark off a special day in the water. It can be a water gun, jumbo float, underwater obstacle course—no matter the toy, it’s sure to deliver hours upon hours of fun in your backyard pool. This could be just what busy parents need, too, especially as schools inch closer and closer to winter break.

4th day: Enjoy a swim with Fido.

If you have a water-loving dog, give him the treat of a lifetime and spend some time swimming with him! He’s sure to enjoy the company and, of course, the chance to splash around in his favorite outdoor spot. This is also a great time to help ease an unfamiliar pup into the water—start slow and see how your four-legged friend likes the water. You might be surprised!

5th day: Swim five laps.

In light of it being the fifth day of swimming pool fun, mix up your fitness routine and try swimming five (or more) laps in your pool. It’s one of the most fun ways to get in your daily cardio workout—in fact, it might not feel like a workout at all. You can challenge yourself to improve your time with every swim—just be sure to hydrate and have fun along the way!

6th day: Toss in six diving sticks.

To mark the halfway point of your 12-day adventure, toss in six diving sticks and watch as your young swimmer jumps right in to collect them all. It’s a fun exercise they’re not likely to get tired of any time soon!

7th day: Blast your favorite holiday tunes.

It’s the holiday season, after all—celebrate the day with some of your favorite seasonal tunes on your outdoor speakers! This might just become your new favorite way to enjoy time in the pool.

8th day: Swim figure eights.

For a fun way to switch up your swimming routine, you and your family can try a new course in your pool—like the classic figure eight, for example, which gives you plenty of chances to curve, flip and perfect your maneuvers in the water.

9th day: Make s’mores by the pool.

S’mores may be the quintessential summer snack, but they’re just as delicious on a cool winter’s night. Head outdoors with graham crackers, chocolate and plenty of fluffy marshmallows and enjoy time by the pool and your outdoor fire pit. You’ll feel like you’re on a unique outdoor getaway without ever leaving your home.

10th day: Lounge around in your favorite pool float.

The holiday season can get busy, and you’ve earned more than your fair share of relaxation time. Soak up the sun and relax on your favorite pool lounger.

11th day: Throw a poolside party.

The 12 days may be almost over by this point, but don’t worry—you can still celebrate by throwing a poolside party for your friends and family! Don’t feel the need to overprepare. All you will need for this exciting activity is tasty poolside treats, great company, and your trusty backyard pool.

12th day: Make a plan for the New Year.

As your 12-day experience comes to a close, why not look ahead toward next year? Use this day to think about ways you can improve your outdoor experience, whether by adding a hot tub to your deck or sprucing up your space with light laminar jets.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy more time swimming, splashing or lounging poolside with your family this holiday season. From our family to yours, have a very happy holiday!

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