Swimming as Stress Relief

We all love to come to our pools—whether for swimming or simple relaxation—at the end of the day. But do you know why exactly pools are such great sources of stress relief? In honor of Stress Awareness Month this April, we are sharing a few of the qualities of pools that make them so apt at calming us down.

Calming sights and sounds

The simple sight of a pool has the power to calm you down. For those of with busy work schedules, a clear blue pool is a welcome visual break from other familiar sights like the car or the inside of our office. And of course, the sounds produced by a pool—especially from elements like a waterfall or fountain—can put us in a tranquil state of mind that is much needed at the end of the day. It can also help to block out some of the less pleasant sounds that surround us (like landscaping equipment or traffic).

A chance to clear your mind

Need a place to clear your mind? Lounging by or in the pool might be the perfect way to do it. Your backyard pool is the place to retreat to whenever you come across writer’s block or other frustrating lacks of clarity. By taking a quick swim, you can focus on something other than the task at hand—and as you may know from experience, that’s often a great way to generate ideas and refresh your mind.

Renewed focus on you and your body

If you’ve been short on personal time due to work and other commitments, enjoy a quick swim! You will be able to focus on yourself, your movements and your thoughts while soaking in the cool water. Few other activities allow you to do that.


The stress-relieving benefits of your backyard pool extend to your physical wellbeing, too. Whether you’ve been lifting heavy boxes or have been hunched over your computer all day, your body and mind can both benefit from the weightless feeling that a swimming pool provides.

The social side of swimming

Of course, one of the best (and most calming) aspects of swimming is the socializing you get to enjoy by the pool. Simply lounging around with friends or talking to family members as they splash around in the water can lighten your mood and improve your state of mind.

Pools are perfect for fun, relaxation and, as you can see, stress relief when it’s needed the most. We hope that you gain just that when you lounge by your Orlando pool this spring and summer!

Swimming as Stress Relief

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