Orlando Pools and Moving Water: 3 Big Benefits

Are you considering adding an element of moving water to your Orlando pool or patio? Doing so isn’t just a stylistic choice—it can have a positive impact on the overall atmosphere of your home and outdoor space. Below, we will be covering the three biggest benefits associated with moving water in the form of additions like waterfalls, laminar jets and rain walls.

A moving backyard focal point

For many pool owners, adding an element such as a waterfall or rain wall is, first and foremost, a design choice. These features can provide your pool with the unifying focal point it needs, but also add visual interest due to their constantly moving flow. This is a big part of why hotels, resorts and places of business use moving water features as part of their pools or landscaping—they’re more visually appealing than a stagnant waterscape!

Moving water features can also help you accomplish unique designs and pool themes you otherwise might not be able to achieve. These include backyard oasis pools with water that streams over rocks, and spa-style pools that utilize sheer descent falls.

Reduction of noise pollution

Noise pollution is a serious issue for many homeowners, especially those who share a backyard space with a neighbor (or two, or three). Whether you want to block out some of the noise from neighboring houses, or wish to eliminate the constant hum of street traffic, a moving water feature can help you achieve it in a peaceful, inviting way.

While nothing can completely block out unwanted noise from your outdoor space, water features can do a great job of replacing the noise you don’t want to hear with noise that’s pleasant and soothing to the ears.

Stress relief

Finally, one of the most attractive features of moving water elements is their ability to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Studies have shown that continuously moving water—in forms such as water fountains—can help to ease the mind and promote a calm, relaxed state... and at the end of the day, isn’t that exactly what we want from our backyard pools?

To replicate the feeling of your favorite resort or spa in your own backyard, few things do the trick quite like an element of moving water. That, combined with a sunny afternoon, your favorite music and a few fluffy towels, can be enough to make you feel like you’re on a resort vacation.

We offer a variety of moving water features that can benefit your pool and home’s exterior—you just need to decide which one you want in your outdoor space! Call us today at (877) 574-6030 to learn more about what we can provide.

Orlando Pools and Moving Water: 3 Big Benefits

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