A Poolside Picnic for Summertime Fun

A Poolside Picnic for Summertime Fun

Bring out your checkered blankets and wicker baskets—it’s National Picnic Day!

On June 18th, we celebrate the fun, simple pastime of a family picnic with a fun twist: bringing it poolside. Take a look at today’s blog for a few easy ways to do it!

Frame a swim-up picnic space

You’re hosting a picnic by the pool for a reason. Take advantage of the beautiful blue water and turn it into a place where family and friends can swim around and enjoy a bite. You can dress up your wet shelf with a small table and lounge chairs, for example, framing an easy spot to lay out your food for guests both in and out of the pool. This is also a great time to let other built-in features shine: a planter that can double as a snacking surface, your swim-up bar, and just about anything else.

Opt for simple, snackable bites

Potato salad and baked beans might be staples of many picnics… but for your poolside get-together, you might want to opt for simpler, more snackable bites that don’t require much in the way of cutlery (or mess prevention, for that matter).

One great option is barbecue sliders that you can prepare beforehand, or maybe chicken-and-veggie skewers for a colorful and tasty treat. Roasted potato wedges are also a delicious way to bring that classic tuber taste to your picnic, without needing extra forks, bowls, etc. Just snack and enjoy your swim!

Consider tropical flourishes

A poolside picnic combines a great American tradition with the tropical, laidback setting of your pool. To merge the two, consider adding fun tropical flourishes to your meal. Use cocktail umbrellas instead of toothpicks to hold together your sandwiches, for example, or introduce a sense of vacation with a palm-printed towel or picnic blanket in lieu of the traditional red-and-white checkers.

Make pool-friendly refreshments

For your poolside picnic, you’ll naturally want to have some cool drinks to enjoy! Use plastic, tumble-friendly mason jars with straws to pour in your iced tea, lemonade, and other delicious drinks. When they’re not being used, you can even store these jars in a bucket of ice so that they’re cool and ready to go when you want them!

Fruit is your friend

Finally, be sure to top off your picnic basket with lots of delicious fruit options like grapes or your favorite melon which, pre-scooped into cubes or ball shapes, pack a heaping dose of hydration you’re sure to love on a hot day.

You don’t need to venture far to enjoy the classic charm of a family picnic. With these tips, you’ll be equipped to bring the party to the pool and enjoy your space in an all new way.

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