A Quick Guide to Poolside Dining

Life is all about the simple pleasures—and for many of us, one of the greatest simple pleasures is kicking back with a delicious meal or snack by the pool. Are you looking for ways to improve your poolside dining for yourself, your family and friends? If so, take a look at our quick guide below.


Where to do it


When it comes to finding the perfect spot in your poolside space to sit down and enjoy a snack or meal, there are several options to choose from—and they all depend on your personal taste and preferences of the day! A few great choices include…


·         Your poolside sitting area. Whether it be a few café chairs and a table, or a complete sofa set, there are few better feelings than enjoying a great dish while soaking in the view of your backyard pool.

·         At the bar. Does your outdoor space include a fun tiki bar, or perhaps a pass-through bar that connects to your kitchen? These are obvious picks for a fun, convenient place to enjoy your meal or a refreshing drink.

·         In the pool itself. While it may not be the best idea to indulge in a multi-course dinner in the pool, we think poolside snacking—on things like fruits or other simple treats—is a truly enjoyable way to eat. This is even easier when you have an in-pool bench or sunken lounge area perfect for kicking back and enjoying your food.


What to eat


Are you wondering what to serve at your next outdoor get-together? There is a wide variety of options to pick from, but you can’t go wrong with a few classic summer favorites such as…


·         Barbecue treats. You probably already have a grill in your outdoor space—fire it up and enjoy some of your favorite barbecue treats, from burgers to hot dogs to zesty chicken skewers.

·         Pizza. Whether you order in or prepare your own in an outdoor pizza oven, this is a classic meal you can be sure that all your guests will love.

·         Fruit salad. On a hot summer day, nothing beats the cool, refreshing crunch of a tasty fruit salad. Prepare your favorite kind and serve it at your next poolside get-together!


We hope that our quick guide helps you enjoy every last burger, pizza and icy cold refreshment served by the pool this summer. Let us know what tasty treats you’re looking forward to serving in the months ahead!

A Quick Guide to Poolside Dining

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