Our Best Solutions to Common Poolside Problems

Our Best Solutions to Common Poolside Problems

Your day in the pool should be peaceful, relaxing and as simple as possible—so if poolside problems are keeping you from that, it’s time for a change! In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at a few simple solutions to the poolside inconveniences we’ve all experienced.

Simplify your poolside playlist

If you love listening to music by the pool, but don’t enjoy running out of the water every time you want to change the song (touching your tech with wet hands in the process), simplify your music! Before you get in the water, make a playlist of songs you love and set the list to repeat—so that you never have to leave the pool to change or skip a song. To make the sound more amplified, you can pick up some outdoor speakers that can be placed closer to your pool without issue. These speakers come in a variety of types, sizes and prices, but some of the simplest ones work well and can cost as little as 10 or 15 dollars! You can keep them in a planter or other structure by the pool and modify your music or volume with ease.

Make reading easier than ever

For so many of us, the pool is a prime destination for catching up on novels, magazines and more—but if you find that your books are getting too much water on them, there are a few solutions you can try. You can consider propping the book up on a sturdy body board or float, for example, or—for especially important books—covering it with a large plastic zipper bag that allows for dry, easy reading. Finally, if you’re able, consider playing an audiobook over the speakers we mentioned in our first tip—these days, so many of your paperback or hardcover books can be found in audio versions, so you can focus on relaxing in the pool without worrying about ruining your favorite book in the process.

Avoid dripping dashes for your towel…

If you always seem to forget your towel inside (or somewhere far from the pool’s edge), try keeping your towels easily accessible from now on. For example, instead of keeping your pool towels in your linens closet, keep a couple of them in a garden cabinet or hidden patio table storage so that you’re never far from a warm, dry towel.

…and other easily-forgotten items

Like we just mentioned, it’s all too easy to forget essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles and more when you’re headed for the pool. Keep frequently-used items like these in a small bucket or caddy near your pool, so that everything you need is ready when you are.

By following these tips, your day at the pool should be more seamless than ever—so kick back and get ready to relax! A no-stress swim is right around the corner.

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