10 Fun Ideas for a Puppy Pool Party

10 Fun Ideas for a Puppy Pool Party

This summer, your pool party has gone to the dogs—but we think that’s a good thing!

Our four-legged friends could use a good pool party, because they get the same amount of enjoyment from splashing around with friends, soaking up the sun and enjoying sweet treats poolside. (As a plus, they don’t have to clean up after themselves when the party is over!)

Wondering how to throw a puppy pool party of your own? Take a look below as we share some of our best tips.

Craft a friendly guest list

Who’s the ideal guest for a pups’ pool party? Just about any canine who plays well with others! Even those who are less likely to jump in the water can find fun ways to enjoy the experience (relaxing on deck, playing catch, etc.). Invite your friends with dogs and let them know that they’ll be food and fun for them as well!

Provide floats

Having a few flat-bottomed floats on hand can help your furry guests relax, take a break, or find a whole new way to experience the water.

Toss in some toys

It’s a dog party—so you’ll of course need some toys! But don’t feel the need to go out and pick up anything extravagant. Good-old-fashioned tennis balls and tug toys gain a sense of novelty when used in the pool.

Simplify access

Does your pup have trouble finding the pool stairs? It’s easy for most dogs to jump in the water, but getting out might be a little more perplexing. Adding a set of dog steps to your pool can make it easier for them to head in and out.

Appoint a lifeguard

While many dogs thrive in the water, they might not be the best at self-supervision. That’s okay! You or another human in attendance can take shifts as a lifeguard, keeping an eye out for pups who might need a break or some quick refueling.

Set out plenty of water…

Speaking of refueling, have plenty of fresh drinking water on hand so that the dogs can replenish themselves as needed without trying to drink the pool water.

…and dog-friendly eats

Your everyday pool party probably includes finger foods like wings, chips, and sandwiches. For a dog party, portion out paper cups of tasty treats or even homemade options, like crumbly bacon cookies. To us, they may sound less-than-appetizing. For Fido? They’re heaven in a bite!

Don’t forget about the humans

The human companions that come along will want some refreshments, too! Invite them to jump in with their pups and enjoy poolside drinks (like a minty strawberry lemonade) served in shatterproof tumblers for easy, carefree enjoyment.

Keep it simple

Dogs aren’t discerning when it comes to poolside décor, so don’t feel the need to perfect minute details like the perfect lighting setup or party favors. As it turns out, pups are pretty easy to please! Simply kick back and enjoy the spectacle of five, six or more dogs splashing around in your pool.

Make cleanup a breeze

Wondering about the cleanup following a puppy pool party? Many pool owners will attest that some light pool fun, even by the furriest pups, won’t cause too much of a filtration hassle. If you’re worried about that, you can pick up a skimmer sock (a mesh that prevents bigger debris from getting into your pool’s filter system) and, when all is said and done, rinse down the dogs’ fur with freshwater to keep it nice and manageable.

With a bit of planning, neighborhood canines will be sure to give your pool party two paws up!

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