5 Ice Cream Ideas for Poolside Sweets

5 Ice Cream Ideas for Poolside Sweets

When the sun is beating down, and you work up a sweat just stepping outside, there’s nothing better than jumping and in floating around the pool—well, except maybe floating around with a sweet ice cream treat in hand!

In today’s blog, we’re sharing some of the best ways to sweeten up your time in the pool, with frozen desserts that taste even better under the hot summer sun. Take a look!

Red, white and blue cookie sandwiches

The first treat on our list is a delicious treat all summer long—but its colorful sprinkles make it a must-have for your Fourth of July pool party! First up, whip together a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Once those have cooled, use them as the sandwich “bread” for scoops of your favorite ice cream. Simply dip one half of the sandwich in blue sprinkles, and then the other in red, and you have a deliciously colorful snack to enjoy poolside.

Brownie mugs a la mode

We’ve all seen recipes for brownie mugs, the molten treats that let you enjoy the warm, chocolatey brownie taste with the convenience of a spoon. This dessert takes it a step further! Make brownies, then use a cookie cutter to assemble them into circular shapes. Next, add them in alternating layers to a plastic mason jar—one brownie, followed by a scoop of ice cream, followed by another brownie, etc. It’s filling and oozes sweet, comforting flavors you’re sure to love!

Classic milkshakes

One of the best ways to cool down by the pool is with a good-old-fashioned milkshake. Just pair three scoops of ice cream with a quarter cup of milk, then blend to creamy perfection and top with whipped cream and sprinkles! Use a tumble-friendly cup so that you can enjoy it, worry free, on your patio or pool deck (or even while floating around the water itself!).

Sundae bar

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sundae? The whole crowd can enjoy them at your next pool party with the help of a custom sundae bar. Set up a table with waffle cone bowls, several flavors of ice cream, and a bunch of toppings—sprinkles, whipped cream, fruit, chocolate pieces, you get the idea! Then everyone can line up and create their own custom creation.

Root beer floats

For a delicious way to combine ice cream with a refreshing summertime soda, opt for root beer floats! Just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a cup of root beer, top it off with whipped cream, and enjoy in or out of the pool.

Speaking of floats, why not add some ice cream treats to the pool itself? Floats in the shape of ice cream sandwiches or classic vanilla cones are a great way to add a fun summer flair to your pool!

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