Orlando Pools: Four Unique Heating Options

We may be in Florida, but our pools can still be quite chilly during the winter months. Try one of these unique pool heating options so you, your family and friends can enjoy your backyard oasis all winter long.

Natural windbreaks

If you have the requisite green space around your pool, you can try this method. A natural windbreak made up of trees, shrubs or a fence can prevent wind drafts from cooling your pool. If you choose to try a natural windbreak, make sure whatever you’re using doesn’t inadvertently block out the sun and create a cooling shade.

Pool cover

When the water in your pool evaporates, it takes with it much-needed heat. A pool cover can be made out of anything (check out your local pool supply store to see what’s available), and it helps prevent unwanted evaporation while you’re not using the pool.

Solar sun rings

This innovative product is a circular heating device made of UV resistant vinyl. Moderately priced compared to more permanent heating solutions, these rings are meant to cover your entire pool and absorb sunlight to heat the water below. Once the pool is well-heated, they can be turned over to prevent evaporation without making the pool too hot.

Sun dome

Whether you choose an above-ground or in-ground dome, this see-through device heats your pool while you’re in it. It also prevents unwanted pollutants, bugs and debris from getting in!

Orlando Pools: Four Unique Heating Options

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