Daytona Pools: The Ins and Outs of a Vanishing Edge

Whether it’s at a lux resort pool or million-dollar mansion, vanishing edges (also known as infinity edges) are the sleek, streamlined design trend we’ve been seeing a lot of. Their minimalist look makes them work anywhere, and they help highlight beautiful landscapes—and you can have all of that! A vanishing edge is a worthy addition to any backyard pool.

A vanishing edge pool is just as it sounds—it has a side or edge that virtually “vanishes” into thin air—of course, the water has to go somewhere! A vanishing edge pool is built with a catch pool right below the edge, a small basin for the water to flow into and then return to your pool. You can’t see the catch pool while you’re in the pool, however, and it’s not an unsightly addition—you can add landscaping around the small catch pool to dress it up or leave it as is.

People arrange to have vanishing edges built for their pool not only for the striking appearance they get from eye level: that of a seamless blending-in with the horizon. A vanishing edge is a smart addition also for the view you get from inside the water itself. When you’re looking up from in the pool, you don’t feel like you’re enclosed by four walls—it’s more of a natural experience, and you can feel more immersed in your surroundings and enjoy the company of the people around the pool.

While some may link the vanishing edge pool exclusively with breathtaking mountain vistas and seaside views, you don’t need these things to make the most out of a vanishing edge pool. This type of pool can look just as great facing a plot of bright green grass, natural landscaping or other views. Call us today to learn more about how you can take advantage of this innovative design.

Daytona Pools: The Ins and Outs of a Vanishing Edge

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