Orlando Pools: Costume Ideas for Your Halloween Pool Party

Orlando Pools: Costume Ideas for Your Halloween Pool Party

With Halloween just around the corner, we were wondering—how many Extreme Pool owners are throwing Halloween bashes by the pool this October? If you’re one such owner, read today’s blog to find fun water-themed costumes you and your guests will love.


If you’re a fan of marine life, a jellyfish costume might be one of the simplest, most fun ways to show it this Halloween! There’s a variety of ways you can spin this costume, but one of the easiest is to dress in all white or another solid color, then carry around a clear umbrella covered in pink, purple and blue birthday streamers that represent tentacles. Spin around and watch as your costume tentacles breeze through the air—much like a jellyfish’s move fluidly through the water! This costume might not hold up in the water, so be sure to keep your umbrella on the patio when you jump in.

Olympic swimmer

After seeing the spectacular performances of US swimmers at the Olympics this year, there could not be a better time to don your favorite swimmer-inspired costume. This is another easy, last-minute costume that’s sure to receive lots of laughs. Simply slip into your favorite suit and pair it with a swim cap and a neck full of gold medals from the costume store!

Friendly octopus

For a simple octopus costume, you can attach pool noodle arms to your outfit. Be sure to include one noodle on your arm span so you can control those arms and impress family and friends as you move into the water.

Water princess

For young swimmers who want to show off their love for the water, a water princess is a great option. This costume can include a pretty blue swimsuit, crown and tulle skirt—the princess can even walk around blowing bubbles for a fun, magical effect!


For the boys, Poseidon is a go-to choice that conveys a love for all things aquatic. All you will need for this simple choice is a crown, fake beard and, of course, Poseidon’s famous trident.

We hope that today’s blog has inspired the perfect Halloween costume for your poolside party. Share your ideas with us as we head toward this fun fall holiday!

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