Fire and Water: Warming Up Your Pool and Patio with a Fire Pit

Fire and Water: Warming Up Your Pool and Patio with a Fire Pit

If you want to get your pool and patio ready for fall, one of the best additions you can make is a warm, cozy fire pit! Just as moving water is a naturally relaxing part of any outdoor space, fire has a warm, welcoming quality we can’t get enough of for our outdoor spaces.

In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at the many benefits of having a poolside fire pit—as well as a few unique ways to add one to your own space this fall!

Warmth on brisk nights

Florida may not be what most would consider “cold” during the fall—but we do still get our share of brisk nights! If you’re throwing an outdoor get-together or are simply enjoying family time by the pool, a fire pit will let you stay warm and cozy all the while (of course, your heated pool will take care of the swimmers themselves).

Even if it’s not chilly outside, having a fire on as you eat or play outside just makes the entire experience feel a little more special.

Flickering light that’s the perfect backdrop to outdoor entertaining

We all love outdoor lighting—it’s why we spend hours searching for the perfect string lights to hang from our pergolas, or solar-powered torches to line our backyards. These options are great, but nothing lights up a space quite like a warm, natural light source like a flickering fire. You, your family and friends will treasure the sight as dinnertime winds into late night conversations by the pool.

Easy entertainment

The fire pit can, of course, be a source of entertainment itself. These days, you can prepare a batch of s’mores and other toasty treats in the microwave—but no other method will deliver the texture, taste and sentiment that a true fire does! Your fire pit can serve as a source of conversation and will bring together people from in and out of the pool for games and the exchange of spooky stories. You don’t have to be at camp to enjoy those simple pastimes!

Lots of design options to consider

There’s no shortage of ways to add a fire feature to your outdoor space. We love fire pits, which can be added in unique structures around the pool area. You can also frame a fire pit space with comfy lawn chairs to encourage conversation!

Looking for another way to bring a fire element into your space? An actual outdoor fireplace can become part of a larger stone structure, creating a visual element that’s sure to “wow” family and friends. Since many Florida homes don’t have chimneys and fireplaces built in, this is also a fantastic way to bring that touch of seasonal fun to your home.

Are you warming up to the idea of a new fire pit? You can be sure it’s an addition you and your family will treasure for many seasons to come.

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