Travertine Decking: Did You Know?

Everyone wants a pool—but when it comes to choosing decking for your pool, you may be a little less certain. Do you want concrete, pebbles, stones or even wood? Which is best for you and your family’s needs? While we can’t make the decision for you, we can say that travertine—one of the oldest and most dependable options around—is a great choice for virtually any pool deck. 

This versatile stone has a set of unique properties that make it so popular. For example, did you know that…?


Travertine was used in the Roman Colosseum.

That’s right! The same stone that paves so many pool decks around America was also used in one of the world’s most famous landmarks. The Roman Colosseum is actually the world’s largest building that is built mostly out of travertine.

The use of travertine in history doesn’t end in Italy. This versatile stone was used in Europe’s longest castle in Burghausen, vase style vessels in Mexico, and even old carvings.  


It’s harder to slip on travertine decking, making it a kid-friendly option.

One of travertine’s most notable properties is its water absorption—unlike with other deck options, water isn’t as likely to pool and form slippery puddles. This is perfect for pools that get lots of use, especially by young swimmers who are prone to horsing around by the pool. Travertine, of course, isn’t a substitute for pool safety—but it can give you at least some peace of mind when it comes to your pool’s guests.


It doesn’t get too hot.

Even when the sun is shining right down on the deck, your travertine pavers won’t get as hot as other materials like concrete. This is a desirable option for Florida pools, even in the fall and winter months. Have you ever been to the beach or walked on asphalt on a hot, sunny day during winter? Your feet probably still burned! The sun is strong throughout the year, so cool-to-the-touch travertine decking is always a good idea.


It can be repaired easily.

Many pool owners desire a flexible, no fuss option for their pool decking. This is yet another area in which travertine excels! Travertine decking is great at holding its color over time, so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing or maintaining the stone. If you do need to repair a stone, it’s simply a matter of lifting up the particular paver and find a replacement—it’s that simple.


It’s affordable.

Just because travertine is a great pool decking option, doesn’t mean it’s an expensive one as well. Other stone cuts may cost you more and won’t necessarily offer you the comfort, safety and durability travertine decking is known for. 

Travertine decking is apt for any time of pool design, whether your style is more natural and earthy or modern and sleek. Its versatility makes it a popular choice, so be sure to give us a call at (877) 574-6030 if you would like to know more about travertine or want it installed around your own pool.


Travertine Decking: Did You Know?

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