Learning How to Swim? Yes You Can!

Learning How to Swim? Yes You Can!

Everyone deserves the chance to go swimming. There’s no activity that so brilliantly blends the best of aerobic exercise and laidback relaxation!

Fortunately, swimming is a sport that doesn’t come with an age limit—so even if you’re no longer in school, you can still get an education in this most enjoyable of sports.

Whether you’re new to Florida and its pool-friendly weather, or simply never had the chance to swim, you might be wondering where to get started. We’ve got you covered… just take a look at the simple steps in today’s blog!

Get familiar with the water

To learn how to swim, it helps to smart small: by familiarizing yourself with the water. Head in with a friend and stick to the shallow end as you first wade around, try floating on your back, and dunking yourself in and out of the water (blowing out of your nose while you do so). Don’t feel the need to learn any new skills right away—simply being comfortable with the idea and sensation of the water, if you aren’t already, can make the practical moves that much easier to learn.

Learn the basics

Once you’re ready to learn more, consider taking swim classes! While friends or family members can also be a great source of information, the formal nature of a swim class or instructor might be more useful in explaining specific strokes and assuaging any concerns you might have.

Don’t assume that the only swim classes around are for toddlers or young learners! There are swimmers just like you all around the world—some take private lessons, others more community-based classes. All are enjoying the benefits that a thorough swimming education provides.

Swim with a friend

Like we said, friends and family also have a lot to teach you! And they naturally want to see you succeed. So consider enjoying a pool day with a friend for a laidback way to kick back and test what you’ve been learning. One great move to try includes kicking in the water as you hold onto a kickboard or the side of the pool, then releasing and moving your arms to actually practice some strokes. Above all, take your time and see what works for you.

Find a local pool-loving community

Looking for ways to keep up the progress? True understanding of a sport comes with practice, practice, and more practice, so be sure to keep up the sport by finding group pool classes (think aquatic cycling or aerobics) or going swimming with friends more often.

We hope that today’s blog inspires you to jump into swim lessons and the thrill of being in the water!

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