Just Jump In: Valuable Lessons We Learn From Swimming

Just Jump In: Valuable Lessons We Learn From Swimming

As we settle ourselves into the back-to-school season, we know our kids are poised to learn lots in the way of math, science, literature and more this year—but what about the lessons that don’t come in a book? If your child spends lots of time in the pool, they’re soaking up some of life’s most important lessons every time they jump in.

What exactly are those lessons? Let’s take a look!

Life’s simplest formula

Whether your child hopes to one day be a professional swimmer, or simply wants to perfect jumps and tricks in the pool, they’ve likely learned one key truth in the process—that hard work, plus determination, is all that’s needed to see success. Every lap across the pool or calculated jump into the water gets them a little closer to the end result they’re looking for, and it’s a guaranteed way to develop a work ethic that sticks. Of course, to your child, it’s all part of the fun!

Independence, in and out of the water

While every swimmer starts out with the help of a parent or coach in the water, the time they spend swimming—solo or not—helps build independence with time. As your child progresses from guided glides through the water, to attempts at treading, to doggy paddles and then full-blown swimming, it’s impossible not to gain a sense of accomplishment and independence in the process. These are traits that your child will carry with them outside of the pool, too.

The power of a positive mindset

Days in the pool—whether they are spent practicing for a swim meet, or simply lounging and splashing around—are always better with a positive mindset, and your child is sure to learn this with every minute they spend swimming. Rain, clouds or an imperfect technique may threaten to thwart even the best of pool days—but when your child overcomes these small obstacles, and decides to enjoy the day anyway, they’re simultaneously learning how to stay positive in other sticky situations as well.

The value of jumping right in

Behind virtually every confident swimmer is a child who was once scared of jumping in on their own—but when they start out with you there to catch them, they learn the value of simply leaping in and leaving their worries on the deck. That sense of confidence goes a long way in life—when it comes to big projects, ambitions, career goals and more. Who would have thought that a simple jump into the water could contribute to all that?

As you’ve probably already noticed yourself, swimming isn’t just a great means of fitness for you and your kids—it’s a valuable teaching tool, too! We hope that your Extreme Pool continues to bring you and your family fun, laughs and enrichment with every swim, splash and jump.

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