Your New Pool Heater: A Gift for the Family

Your New Pool Heater: A Gift for the Family

Are you looking to make a splash with a gift for the whole family this holiday season?  With a new pool heater, that’s easy! Take a look at today’s blog to see the benefits of boosting your family’s fun in the pool with a new heater.

Get more fun out of your pool…

Temperatures may not be freezing here in Florida, but they can dip below what’s traditionally comfortable swimming conditions easily. To prevent an overnight cold snap from thwarting your afternoon swimming plans, consider a heater—it’s designed with the sole purpose of extending your swim season, leading to that much more in the way of laughs and memories made in the pool.

…and more bang for your buck

Your backyard pool is probably one of the most meaningful investments you’ve ever made—so be sure to get more bang for your buck whenever possible! A heater ensures that you’re not just paying for a spring and summer retreat, but a year-round oasis that’s sure to please.

Other pool-worthy ideas

A heater may be one of the best investments on our swimming pool wish list—but it’s not the only one! If you’ve already got a heater, consider picking up one of the following to extend your family swimming adventures this season and beyond:

  • An outdoor projector screen, to make your family movie nights a little more extraordinary. How many people get to enjoy their favorite silver screen flick from a pool float?
  • A new furniture set, which can extend the time you spend outside and make your family dinners more seamless than ever.
  • A pack of brand new pool floats, a small purchase that’s sure to lead to lots of fun in the months to come.
  • A fire pit, which will provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere now and throughout the year.

We hope that today’s blog has given you an idea or two about great holiday gifts for the family. We can help you add a new automated heating system and other great features to your pool—just give us a call today, and see how we can make your holiday season extra special!

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