Celebrating National Barbecue Month

Get ready to fire up the grill—May is National Barbecue Month! In honor of this celebration of all things barbecue, we’re looking at a few easy ways to make you next backyard barbecue a summer event to remember.

Focus on the food…

When hosting a barbecue, your number one focus should—of course—be the food. Spend some time finding the perfect recipe or use one that’s already in the family for the sauces and meats that will serve as the backbone of your barbecue. And of course, don’t forget the treats like fruits, sides and desserts that will make your get together extra special.

…and invite others to do the same

While you’ll of course want to cook up your favorite dishes, don’t feel the need to do it all alone. Invite your guests to bring their own favorites and make your barbecue a potluck affair.

Turn your outdoor space into an entertainment zone

With some creative ingenuity, you can turn your patio or backyard grass space into an entertainment zone of its own. Set up fun games like hopscotch, Twister or volleyball for kids and adults alike to enjoy. For other ways to fun, consider putting up a dart board or bringing out your ping pong table for a night full of laughs.

Keep it simple

Throughout your barbecue planning, be sure to keep everything as simple as possible. Your guests won’t remember your gathering for extravagant decorations or lavish place settings, but they will look back on the fun times and delicious food you all shared. A simple barbecue with yummy but no-fuss dishes is best way to go—this way, you’ll be able to throw your party and enjoy it too!

Get the kids involved

Will kids be attending your barbecue? Young attendees can often get lost in the party shuffle, but you can help them feel included by giving them small tasks to assist with such as snack distribution or dinner setup. These small tasks are easy ways to get everyone involved, even those who can’t necessarily help with the grownup tasks of grilling—and at the end of the night, everyone will be able to enjoy a meal that they had a part in making.

Make it a pool party

Finally, if you have a backyard pool, be sure to take advantage of it during your barbecue! Your pool is the perfect spot to cool off and relax in as your guests wait for dinner to begin.

With great company and a bit of clever planning, your backyard barbecue will be an all-around hit. We hope that the rest of your summer is just as full of fun, laughs and delicious food as your first summer barbecue!

Celebrating National Barbecue Month

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